Caption It #21

Mars Ain’t The Kind Of Place To Raise Your Kids

Neiman Marcus unveiled its 2006 Christmas catalog of exotic holiday gifts Tuesday. The most exotic (and expensive) is a six-person charter to space. The chartered trip to space, which sends six passengers 63 miles above the Earth via Virgin Galactic’s SpaceShipTwo, costs just over $1.7 million. But once those passengers return to terra firma, they […]

Retail Fakery

According to USA Today, the battle against fake merchandise is not limited to Asia and urban sidewalks in the U.S. The war is being fought in our retail stores as well. Coach has accused Target of selling a fake Coach purse. In a lawsuit filed in federal court in New York last week, Coach alleges […]

Will British Ad People Automatically Switch Agencies Along With Accounts?

From The New York Times: When an advertiser’s relationship with its agencies goes sour, a breakup is often the best course for everyone involved. But some people in London’s marketing world are now concerned that a new regulation could threaten this easy-come, easy-go existence. Lawyers said the rule, which went into effect in April, could […]

Cuban Sucks Air Out Of YouTube Valuations

One of the more controversial and outspoken billionaires on the planet, spoke ill of the ad biz at an ad biz gathering last week. Mark Cuban, co-founder of HDNet and owner of the NBA’s Dallas Mavericks, told execs at Advertising Week, “You guys love to be the trailing edge,” in reference to the industry’s current […]

Still Howling After All These Years

Welcome to Optimism reminds us of a passage from Where The Suckers Moon, the book that started all this for me. Wieden was an unlikely creative star. His father Duke was one of the grand old men of Portland advertising…Dan was born on the cusp of the baby boom, in 1945. He was as rebellious […]

Judge Beats The Tar Out Of Big Tobacco (For Now)

Associated Press is reporting that a federal judge has denied a request by tobacco companies to let them keep marketing “light” and “low tar” cigarettes until an appeal is settled in their case. U.S. District Judge Gladys Kessler ruled in August that the cigarette makers violated racketeering laws and misled the public about the health […]

Step Away From The Machine looks at how our favorite machines are changing our behavior, not always for the better. In a major report produced in the US on what the internet might be like in 2020, Glenn Ricart of the Internet Society warns that many people could have lost touch with reality because of the amount of time […]

Online Ad Buys Continue To Baloon Balloon

The Internet is poised to overtake outdoor as the fifth largest ad medium this year, and is quickly closing in on radio’s fourth place ad market ranking, reports ZenithOptimedia in the latest quarterly revision of its ongoing global ad tracking study. The report suggests that Internet ad spending will break the double-digit market share in […]

Wal-Mart’s Quest To Be More Sophisticated

Uniforms at retail help define a brand. Last week I was at Hotel Monaco in Salt Lake City where the staff wears tie-dyed oxford cloth shirts. It’s easy for me to feel at home in such a place. According to the Houston Chronicle, the world’s largest retailer is now looking to spiff up its outfits. […]