Bio Teacher Attacks Sexy Champion

A friend told me to check out Sexy Champions, based on the fact I liked his last music recommendation, Deadboy & the Elephantmen. So, I clicked over to their site and found this MTV2 spot mixed in with their indie pop:

Pimp My Pulp

According to, one best be careful with the word “pimp,” or brace for litigation. One of the largest media companies in the world is flexing its muscle to stop anyone using a phrase beginning with the words: “Pimp my …”. Viacom, which owns MTV, the worldwide music channel, has sent threatening legal letters to […]

Link Requests Are Lame

Satire is one of the greatest literary devices ever conceived. Wired writer, Lore Sjöberg, uses it deftly, in a funny piece on blogging’s rising popularity. Creating your own blog is about as easy as creating your own urine, and you’re about as likely to find someone else interested in it. One popular technique for building […]

How Much Will You Fork Over For “Wanky Juvenile Sounds”?

I’ve been meaning to put together a post on MySpace’s move into the retail music space. But I just couldn’t muster the interest. Until George Parker woke me from my slumber with his acerbic wit, that is. The new MySpace Music Store will feature excruciatingly bad MP3 downloads of really fucking awful music from hot […]

Bavaria Time

We know all about Miller Time. It’s a time for America’s hard-working welders, plumbers and transit workers to kick back before the big game or on a fishing trip to northern Minnesota. Dutch beer, Bavaria, stakes a different claim. “Bavaria Time” is for swashbucklers after their daily battles with sea creatures, natural disasters and other […]

Bud Dot TV Coming To A Small Screen Near You

USA Today reports that Anheuser-Busch is prepared to spend $30 million on a new web content project. Top U.S. brewer Anheuser-Busch will launch its own Web entertainment network, Bud.TV, in February. The seven-channel operation, costing an estimated $30 million to start, is an attempt to develop a new way to reach consumers ages 21 to […]

Lofty Ideas Bandied About

What role can creativity play in shaping our world? Can creatives become instruments for social and political change? That’s the subject of the evening of September 21, 2006 at the Art Directors Club ADC Gallery panel discussion called “Designism.” “Designism will address the question of how you use your career to make the world a […]

Quick, What Kind Of Jeans Does That Junior A.D. Wear?

According to Brandweek, popular jeans brand 7 For All Mankind is the top denim brand for Gen Y consumers ages 17-26. At least that’s the latest according to a study conducted for the Retail Advertising and Marketing Association by SLANT, a marketing firm headquartered in Chicago. Other popular brands among this group include Diesel, Levis, […]

“Leaving Las Vegas” Director Makes Softcore Short

Kate Moss says she plans to wed Pete Doherty. Yet, that’s not the big Kate Moss news of the day. For that, we turn to Life Style Extra: Lingerie giant Agent Provocateur had posted a racy four-minute advert featuring the catwalk beauty on their website,, and a huge number of people clicked on causing […]

The Book That Cluetrainers Love To Hate Just Landed Saatchi A Fat Account

Lovemarks, the book by Saatchi CEO Kevin Roberts that was thoroughly ridiculed in the bloatosphere, is now responsible for landing Saatchi the J.C. Penny account, a $430 million piece of business. Here’s what Ad Age indicates: Love was in the air this spring for Kevin Roberts and JC Penney. It all began aboard a corporate […]