Point Counterpoint

“Advertising has a problem. It’s not efficient. Yes, you can buy results-only advertising, but the waste-to-results ratio runs in the same range as lotteries. And yes, Google has revolutionized advertising by 1) making results affordable to nearly everybody, and 2) moving the waste to where it’s best tolerated, which is by servers pumping out stuff […]

People Who Shop Wawa Love Wawa

According to New York Times, a regional convenience store chain treats its employees right, which leads to happier customers. In fact, many of these happy customers have become online evangelists for the brand. The I Love Wawa group on MySpace.com has more than 5,000 members, making it the largest of several Wawa-related groups on the […]

“Free Agent Nation” Not So Far Fetched After All

CNN/Money reports on a Census Bureau survey which indicates 19.5 million U.S. businesses have no employees on the payroll, up 4.7 percent from the previous year. Businesses without a payroll now make up more than 70 percent of the nation’s more than 27 million companies, with annual sales of about $887 billion. Building contractors, Internet […]

Colbert Chaos on Wikipedia

Stephen Colbert stirred the Wikipedia pot on Monday when he coined a new word–“Wikiality.” You Tube has the footage and Newsvine has the story: In the segment, Colbert logs on to the Wikipedia article about his show to find out whether he usually refers to Oregon as “California’s Canada or Washington’s Mexico.” Upon learning that […]

War Is (Seemingly Never) Over

Rueters reports that an old outdoor campaign is being recycled to promote a new documentary film. In an effort to tap into anti-war sentiment, billboards will appear in New York and Los Angeles this month declaring “War Is Over! If You Want It.” The statement is not so much political as commercial: independent film distributor […]

Hotel Chain Breaks Away, Seeks Reinvention

According to USA Today, Wyndham Worldwide, which completed its spinoff from Cendant on Tuesday, now plans to bulk up its top hotel brand with better marketing and a new, more consistent look. CEO Stephen Holmes acknowledged that the Wyndham brand has suffered from varying standards at its 87 hotels, all in the USA. The result: […]

Speak Out. Rake In.

San Francisco Chronicle sent a reporter to BlogHer on Saturday. The reporter took note of the growing corporate influence on writers and their blogs. If the word “bloggers” conjures a romantic image — of fiercely independent writers, untouched by corporate influence — this may be the convention where that image begins to die. It also […]

Advertising-Supported Restaurant Is A Hoax. For Now.

There are a few “reviews” of The Butter Trough on restaurant-finder websites, and there was a help-wanted ad on Craigslist, but alas, there is no such place. Not yet, at least. From its website: The Butter Trough is the world’s FIRST 100% advertisement supported restaraunt. Come down to our Atlanta Facility to enjoy food and […]

A Good Picture Of Lee Clow

photo by Stephanie Diani According to Ad Age, Lee Clow will be 63 on Thursday. The article mentions the possibility of retirement, but I find the fact that Clow stands at a large workbench all day, much more intriguing. Hemingway did that. The stand at a desk and work thing.

Big Black Women On The Commercial Casting Couch

The New York Times takes a closer look today at the increasing use of heavyset black women in ads: This caricature, playing on stereotypes of heavy black women as boisterous and sometimes aggressive, has been showing up for some time in stand-up comedy routines and in movies like “Big Momma’s House’’ and “Diary of a […]