Violent Crime Not Sexy, Nor Desirable

Fashion advertising is not known for good taste, but this new ad from Jimmy Choo, takes “in poor taste” to another level. Agenda Inc. calls it “kidnap chic.” I call it sick and wrong. Why stars like Quincy Jones and Molly Sims would care to appear in a degrading, cheap stunt like this is beyond […]

For Your Own Good, Put The Crackberry Down

According to Management-Issues, addiction to one’s Crackberry can be as serious as addition to booze. Although, I scoff at such nonsense. Does one lose their job, friends and family over a Crackberry? No. Does one wake up in strange apartments or alleyways because of Crackberry addiction? Maybe. At any rate, the article does shine some […]

Wang, The Populist

According to USA Today, Vera Wang is tired of selling $10,000 wedding dresses to rich people. Kohl’s announced Thursday a union with high-end fashion designer, Vera Wang. The exclusive brand called Very Vera by Vera Wang will be available in all 749 Kohl’s stores and on starting in the fall of 2007. For Wang, […]

Money Moves To Blogs

Business 2.0 is running an interesting article on the handful of men and women currently milking the bloatosphere for all its worth. Boing Boing, a four-person operation that bills itself as a directory of wonderful things, is on track to gross an estimated $1 million in ad revenue this year. The digital-media news site, […]

You Just Stepped On A Landmine

There are a multitude of social, environmental and economic problems facing the human species today. One can take their pick. Famine, war, heating of the polar ice caps… BBDO/Singapore is rightly concerned about the six million landmines in Cambodia, hidden devils that take down elephant and man at an alarming rate.

Dude, Your Pause Button’s Stuck

Marina del Rey’s Ignited Minds have introduced a new public service announcement for Fox and the Kaiser Family Foundation. click to view The spot contends that the chaos of modern life, wherein teens have to make tough decisions, might be better managed by the mere act of pausing to consider. “It only takes a minute […]


McDonald’s has over 31,000 restaurants in 118 countries. The Oak Brook-based chain employs over 1.5 million people worldwide. If you like to see these type of figures represented cartographically, Princeton provides. [via Beatnik Pad]

Approach Humbly Or Get Smacked Down

Joker at Why Advertising Sucks warns newly minted college grads about the dues they must pay before entering, or “making it” in the wonderful world of ad agencies. Lots of people want success handed to them on a silver platter because they made the grade or graduated some cum laude whatever and were president of […]

San Francisco Creative Team On High Fiber Diet

“We’ve hit a milestone here at Hub,” says DJ O’Neil, Founder/Creative Director of Hub Strategy. “We used the word “poop” in two different ads in the same month, for two different clients in two different mediums. On top of that, we used the word “poop” cleverly in a new business pitch. We are all extremely […]

Art Is Part Of The Starbucks Experience