Candy Maker Dips Into Art History

To support the launch of M&M’s Dark Chocolate Candies, the brand introduced its new ad campaign at New York City’s famous Guggenheim Museum, with a print ad that interjects the “fun” of M&M’s into an admittedly dark masterpiece, Edvard Munch’s ‘The Scream.’ The ad features “Red,” the iconic M&M’s character, unexpectedly playing hopscotch in the […]

First Person Backlash

Netanel Jacobsson, 38, a former reggae singer and AOL business development executive who now owns a strategic media consulting and business developement agency, is done with A-list bloggers (with two notable exceptions). Most of the so called A–list bloggers have very little to say besides reporting their latest parties, or their other fellow A-list bloggers […]

The Lubars’ Touch

BBDO, New York and Atlanta, created a new commercial for Cingular wireless that’s funny and spot on. Even The Bullshit Observer loves it. “Good casting. Good writing. Sells the product. Makes me laugh.”

Engineers Take It To The Bank In Mountain View

Would you rather build something or help sell something? If you work at Google, apparently you want to be in the former category. According to Valley Wag: Engineers are the real winners. No one’s sure just how much richer the geeks are than the ad-sales wonks and other early Googlers, but there’s definitely a class […]

The Voice Of The Customer Will Be Heard

Matthew Creamer writing in Ad Age says: Product reviews written by real people are perhaps the most underappreciated slice of the consumer-generated-media universe, the explosion of which has captivated the advertising and media worlds. But as marketers fixate on getting their virals on YouTube and making friends on MySpace, these relatively unsexy product write-ups have […]

Appliances 101

New York Times takes a look at the back-to-college market, one retailers, online and off, have begun to covet. According to the National Retail Federation, an industry trade group, the fastest-growing back-to-college categories include ones that play to the strengths of online retailers, like consumer electronics, computers and even furniture, which is starting to gain […]

Punks Do It Themselves

Darryl Ohrt of Brand Flakes for Breakfast wants to know if you’ve brought the punk rock ethos into your workplace. Here’s how he thinks about his own punk youth and its impact on his business life: Within the punk rock credo of my youth were the seeds of a larger business philosophy. Ten years in […]

“The Walls Between Art And Engineering Exist Only In Our Minds”

[via Kottke]

Fruity Goodness

Click Here, a Dallas-based interactive agency, has launched Fruit Guy Fans, a Fruit of the Loom microsite that busts on the brand’s iconic spokesfruit and the indie music scene all in one fell swoop. Like a good indie fan site, this one makes MP3 downloads available. One song hangs on the line, “You can’t overlove […]

Free Audiobooks

New York Times explores the world of free audiobooks, from services like LibriVox, Telltale Weekly and LiteralSystems. At its worst a free audiobook can sound like a teenager reading aloud in high school English class. At its best it can offer excellent sound quality and skilled narration infused with a passion for the text. In […]