How Karl Lagerfeld Sells Dom Pérignon

Kate Spicer examines Karl Lagerfeld’s penchant for marketing to women in The Sunday Times: How does a septuagenarian homosexual fashion designer in a powdered ponytail know what women fantasise about? He’s not Nancy Friday. Yet here he is, giving us a heterosexual fantasy that most women — and men — would find immensely satisfying.

Accomplished? Maybe. Polished? No.

I need not remind anyone how far gone our political process is, but I will offer up further evidence to support the claim, courtesy of Cinemocracy. I never have understood why political candidates don’t see the need for professional advertising. Do they want to be seen as used car salesmen? For whatever reason, budgetary or […]

The Genesis Of Ideas

Hugh MacLeod is far from excited by the work coming out of the ad industry. That much we know. But what does excite Mr. MacLeod? The Cluetrain wasn’t written by a Leo Burnett employee. Movable Type wasn’t invented by McCann. RSS wasn’t invented by JWT. Robert Scoble doesn’t work for Fallon. Techmeme wasn’t invented by […]

Ad Age Cozies Up To A Client

Ad Age has posted their second ‘CMO Connections’ video, a project supported by CBS Radio. In this edition, Point editor, Jennifer Rooney, sits down with Andrea Spiegel, VP-sales and marketing, JetBlue. There are no real highlights from the spot. I take note of it because two prominent media companies have come together to create a […]

(Red) Crocs Jump The Shark

Holly Burns of Nothing but Bonfires is on holiday in Singapore. Poolside the other day, she witnessed three adolescent boys considering their Crocs. I’m sorry to report that Burns was scarred by the experience. Did you know this? Did you know that there was a Hierarchy of Coolness based on the color of your Crocs? […]

“Steve Jobs” Is On The Blog

There are character blogs and then there are blogs written by characters who assume another’s identity. This type of blog has no known name and is rarely spotted. Yet, one has been located. The contents of one post from earlier today is now before you: HP wants to be cool like us So they create […]

Monopoly Cashes Out

Visa, in a move that some may find disturbing, has a product placement deal with Hasbro. The classic board game, Monopoly, will no longer use paper money. The currency of old is being replaced by faux Visa cards and readers/calculators. While this story seems like a perfect Onion piece, I found it on Engaget. Therefore, […]

Google Or Yahoo?

Like the new Apple spots that ask, “Are you a Mac or a PC?” one might ask the same of the world’s top search engines. Do you Google, or do you Yahoo? This New York Times story explores some of the differences in the two companies. Do Internet users prefer services that are consistent and […]

This Commercial Sucks. This Commercial Sucks. This Commercial Sucks.

Every so often, a commercial comes along that is the absolute antithesis of everything that creative people aspire to, but gets legendary amounts of attention. The ubiquitous HeadOn ad is just such a spot. Slate takes a closer look. According to Dan Charron, VP of sales and marketing for HeadOn, the company used focus groups […]

An Agragian Spirit In Adlandia

Advertising Age tells us today about Gay Gaddis, the Texas cattlewoman behind tech shop, T3. Ms. Gaddis, 50, and her husband, Lee, run an 800-acre working cattle ranch, about an hour and a half outside of Austin, near Marble Falls. “The land gives you a different set of values,” said Ms. Gaddis, president-CEO of Austin […]