“Sticky Eyeballs” Is So Not The Point

New York Times is reporting on a consortium of newspapers working with an online news aggregator, Inform.com, to scan hundreds of news and blog sites and deliver content related to articles appearing on their Web sites, regardless of who published those articles. In other words, they will begin linking to the competition. “Five years ago, […]

Famous Potatoes. Almost Famous Advertising.

Well, it’s not the most active blog in the world, but I stumbled onto the Idaho Ad Agencies Blog. So I thought I’d just give a shout-out to our friends in the Potato State. I hear Boise is a kick-ass city to live in–seriously. Curiously, the blog already links to us, I didn’t know that.

Doner Finally Gets A Website

Six months after I wondered why Doner was seemingly the only ad agency without a website, now they’ve got one. Check it out. Was it worth the wait?

For Chrysler, New German Campaign Ist Nicht Gut

Ad Age reports that Chrysler’s new campaign featuring “Dr. Z” isn’t helping their sales: The automaker won’t report July sales until later this week, but independent auto-information site Edmunds.com forecasts Chrysler Group’s U.S. sales will slide 17% vs. July 2005. The drop reflects one fewer selling day than last year. There are other reasons why […]

Site Maintenance

Please pardon our dust. We’re doing some upgrades on the site this weekend so if anything seems amiss, it should all be back to normal by Monday morning. Thanks.

Old Ads Get New Life Thanks To YouTube And Others

American Copywriter points to this ad for Winston. Never mind the “I can’t believe they got away with this back in the day” factor. If old commercials keep cropping up, can brands that truly want to change their image succeed? Because nearly every brand that’s been around for the last 50 years ago has some […]

Bogusky Blends In

Crispin Porter + Bogusky’s new Boulder, Colorado office is bandwidth-rich, to put it mildly. In the middle of a long article about the agency’s move to Mork and Mindy’s hood, Adweek reveals how the two offices plan to use technology to stay in touch. Off to the side of the lobby, parked outside a corner […]

Name Names Already

Do you chafe when confronted by vacuous langauge, like “according to sources”? Henry Abbott does. On his blog True Hoop, the sportswriter says: Journlists at mainstream news outlets have a whole series of trouble they go to to avoid crediting other news organizations. They essentially won’t do it unless they absolutely have to. You’ll almost […]

Tech Titans Park Where They Damn Well Please

You know how to tell if a company is making money? You look at their parking lot. No, not just for the German engineering, for a decided lack of parking spaces. Lack of parking spaces means there’s alot of action going on inside the buildings. Yahoo is one company with inadequate parking spaces, according to […]

Do You Copy?

Why Advertising Sucks is running a piece on the various words we use to define ourselves in this business. It seems that being a writer is just not good enough, let alone being just a copywriter. Heaven forbid. Nope. We are now Copy Strategists and Verbal Identity Specialists. Just as a web programmer who does […]