The Sponsorship Stars Line Up For American Airlines

From USA TODAY: American Airlines has a rare opportunity to slam dunk its brand into the minds of basketball fans starting Thursday, when the NBA Finals begin inside the two arenas that carry the ailing carrier’s name. It pays more than $8 million a year in naming rights, which ensures that the Dallas Mavericks play […]

Have Spreadsheet Will Travel

Another spreadsheet application is unveiled. Big whoop. But hold on, maybe it is a big deal. The New York Times seems to think so. Stepping up its attack on Microsoft’s core business, Google plans to make available on Tuesday a test version of a Web-based spreadsheet program that is intended to make it simple to […]

Belong To The Tribe For As Little As $220

Building community around your brand, online and off, is today the core activity of most progressive marketers. Two ambitious Brits, who may or may not give a hoot about such things, have put their own community building idea into play. According to LA Times: Two 26-year-old British entrepreneurs, Ben Keene (a.k.a. Chief Bengazi) and Mark […]

World Cup Broadcaster Sicks Barristers On Boing Boing

Boing Boing received an obtuse threat from a law firm in London. The letter states that Baker & McKenzie’s client, Infront Sports & Media, “anticipates the possibility of unauthorized streaming and downloading of FIFA World Cup matches.” The letter goes on to warn Boing Boing that Baker & McKenzie will be “actively monitoring your website […]

Young People In Pain

Marketers everywhere are trying to figure out the best way to reach the teen and twenty-something markets. Perhaps, we ought to drop that pursuit and instead focus on why this generatioins is busy hurting themselves. According to Associated Press: Nearly 1 in 5 students at two Ivy League schools say they have purposely injured themselves […]

A Great Creative Team: Priceless

Fortune is running a number of articles on the importance of teams. One team they examine is from the ad world. From 1987 to 1997, MasterCard maxed out five advertising campaigns – and failed to narrow the gap with Visa. So when the company decided to get a new ad agency, it looked like desperation. […]

Movin’ On Up

The mainstream media is having trouble adjusting to the new info-rich economy, or so we’re told. Yet, one notable player seems to be well above the fray. According to New York Times, Privately-owned Hearst Corporation paid for their resplendent new headquarters at Eighth Avenue and 57th Street in Manhattan with $500 million in cash. It […]

Dear Levi’s,

Few brands are as iconic as Levi’s. The denim maker has a storied history and legions of brand zealots, some quite famous. Here’s a thank you letter from Cary Grant on display in a new online exhibit from the brand: The San Francisco Chronicle describes the exercise in brand history: Levi’s historian Lynn Downey selected […]

Eat Ramen Noodles Until Your You’re 30

Wieden’s Mark Fenske, by his own admission, is “out of bounds idealistic.” We can find evidence of this in the poetry he dedicates to his VCU Adcenter students: Forget the money. Pay no attention to it. Go after what your inside wants–the work. Love the making. Screw the mammon. You can’t eat it. However. You […]

Brands To Put Their Stamp On Mail

Earlier this week, I bought stamps at the post office. I picked out a book of Katherine Anne Porter stamps which led to a literary discussion with the mail clerk. It left me feeling glad that a federal worker was so well versed in American culture. Now this from Ad Age: The U.S. Postal Service […]