Don’t Sell Something. Start A Movement.

Spike Jones is at it again. Campaigns have a beginning and an end. Movements go on as long as kindred spirits are involved. Campaigns are part of the war vocabulary. Movements are part of the evangelist vocabulary. Campaigns are dry and emotionally detached. Movements are organic and rooted in passion. Campaigns rely on traditional mediums. […]

Board Sailing, Sheep Ranching And Apple Orchards Meet Information Processing

Old (White) Boy Network Under Attack

An Ad Age reporter heard some severe criticism of the white bread industry she covers. The president-CEO of Black Enterprise magazine yesterday called for consumer and political activism aimed at increasing the number of marketing dollars spent with black-owned media. Earl “Butch” Graves Jr. said agencies that specialize in targeting blacks often are not responsible […]

Don’t Go Back To Whyville

According to the New York Times, Toyota is working to bring children into the franchise, despite the fact that children can’t drive. In April, Toyota quietly began an unusual virtual promotion of its small, boxy Scion: it paid for the car’s product placement in, an online interactive community populated almost entirely by 8- to […]

“Common Sense, Taste And Luck” Is Greater Than Or Equal To Strategy

While I’m not certain what Adaptive Path* does, I do know one of their workers spoke to Pentagram’s Michael Bierut recently. Here’s a snippet of his elevated thinking: I’ve come to believe strongly that one of the roles of design is to bring humanity, intelligence and beauty to the world of business, and indeed to […]

Minneapolis Looks Good To The Swedes

Fallon announced today the hiring of a Swedish creative team, Calle and Pelle Sjönell, who also happen to be brothers. Both will join the creative department at Fallon Minneapolis as group creative directors. Fallon Creative Director Kerry Feuerman said, “Pelle and Calle are a unique combination of enormous creative talent who think Web-centrically and work […]

I Hope They Didn’t Pay Retail

National Semiconductor capped off its most successful fiscal year in history by equipping every one of its 8,500 employees with a 30-gigabyte video iPod. While designed for personal entertainment, the popular Apple MP3 player will be used as a new training and communications tool at National, providing a convenient method for employees to download National […]

Swinging For The Green

USA TODAY reports on a unique promotion from Hilton Garden Inn, designed to increase customers length of stay. Taking a swing at attracting business travelers who can’t stay away from their golf game, Hilton Garden Inn has partnered with 330 golf courses across the USA and Canada to offer free rounds. 13,000 Garden Inn guests […]

Will Advertising Be Reduced To Pimping Parity Products?

Now, more so than ever, an interweb company with a compelling product or service, need not advertise. Or so says Bruce Sterling in Wired: It’s good to see Internet entrepreneurs grinning again. Web 2.0 makes them happy in several ways that its bubble-era forebear did not. Here’s a critical one: The new breed of online […]

Holiday Inn–Where Road Warriors Rest Their Sleepy Heads

What do you think about when you think about Holiday Inn? According to Landis Global Market Research, consumers most often think about amenities like the hotel pool. Fallon is launching a new campaign to counteract this pattern. The agency’s “Look Again” campaign aims to round-out consumer perceptions of the brand so they view it as […]