Garage Philosophy Leads To Big Things

Mark Fletcher spoke about his experience starting ONElist and Bloglines at this month’s SDForum in Palo Alto. I like his advise about doing it on the cheap. I am a cheap bastard when it comes to startups. With ONElist I was, you know, $55,000 got us through a million users. With Bloglines it was $200,000 […]

Spec Work Is Not Consumer Generated Media (It’s Expert Generated Media)

Consumer generated media is a phrase tripping off alot of tounges in newsrooms and boardrooms today. But when is CGM not CGM? Let’s run some numbers. Firefox, the open source browser with 50 million users worldwide asked its base to offer up a broadcast quality TV spot. 280 spots came in. I’m not much good […]

Registered Users Is Only One Metric

Flickr founder, Caterina Fake, recently returned from her Bora Bora vacation. She came back ready to write. Upon considering the number of MySpace registrations, she had this to say: MySpace and Facebook are examples of services that enable communication and socializing. You can surf them, but surfing them isn’t really the point. You don’t really […]

Ego A Driving Factor In Car Purchases

It seems those crazy kids in Coconut Grove are inventing new ways to sell VWs on a daily basis. The new tool in the automaker’s belt is a co-creation site called Ego Index, where consumers rate cars and everyday items for the ego they emit. For instance, anchovies, came in at 50, which is a […]

Interative Talent Rising

JWT went out and found some big time interactive help—Colleen DeCourcy, chief creative officer at Omnicom Group’s Organic. DeCourcy will serve as JWT’s new chief experience officer, reporting to co-president Ty Montague. According to Ad Age: Ms. DeCourcy, 41, has worked in a multitude of mediums, beginning as a copywriter and moving into film editing, […]

Burning Down The House

Neil Boorman, a literary Englishman, will burn all his branded worldly goods–including Jacobson chairs, Christian Dior shirts and a Louis Vuitton bag–on August 26 in attempt to rid himself of consumerism. Boorman will then offer a consumer packed good to the public in 2007, as his book Bonfire of the Brands will be released by […]

Philly Ad Guy Buys Philly Newspaper

From Brian P. Tierney says he thinks he and his fellow local investors have what it takes to attract more advertisers and readers to the region’s biggest newspapers. While the newspaper industry has been struggling locally and nationally, Tierney sees The Inquirer and Philadelphia Daily News as must-buys – the most important mass media […]

Big Business Joins The Proverbial Quilting Circle

Ben McConnell made a post on his blog about Intuit rewarding failure as a mean of encouraging experimentation. Graham Hill responded, and thanks to his efforts we now have a new term to toss around. Intuit’s approach is a brave example of what is known as “Patching”. Patching breaks down the business into a quilt […]

Sponsored Entertainment Meet Traditional Radio

I’ve been advocating branded use of internet radio for years. My argument goes something like this: Why buy media on radio when you can own the entire station? Snapple is bringing this concept to traditional radio. The beverage brand is sponsoring five and half weeks of programming at WFNX FM in Boston, (the station’s two […]

Gore Promotes Movie on MySpace

Gotta love Al Gore for using the fruits of his own invention to promote his own movie. His invention of course is what we have come to call The Internet and his documentary is “An Inconvenient Truth.” I believe it has something to do with Ewoks. From OnlineMediaDaily: MySpace’s campaign for “An Inconvenient Truth” includes […]