Puddletown Pugilists

You’re simply not going to beat up on Wieden in the local, national nor international award shows. But if you’re a member of the Portland ad community, now you can beat members of their staff with your fists. And it’s all for charity! A dozen representatives from agencies all over Portland will square off in […]

Show Talent Zoo Some Love

Our friends at Talent Zoo have been nominated for A Webby, in the best employment sites category. If you’d like to vote for them, and ensure they punish corporate behemoths like Monster and Career Builder, visit the site, log in and vote. For more on The Webby Awards, see Random Culture’s top picks.

Whatever Works For You

You may want to think twice before launching your own design shop, blogvertising agency or brand consultancy. According to Inc. the majority of small-business owners work at least 50 hours per week, according to a recent poll — far more than the national average of 33.8 hours per week reported by the Bureau of Labor […]

Pink Packets Make Some See Red

USA TODAY offers a review of Sweet and Low by Rich Cohen, a contributing editor at Rolling Stone. There is something satisfying about a voyeuristic romp with someone else’s dysfunctional family — particularly when they are rich. It’s even better when the story is told by a disinherited grandson with a grudge, as is Rich […]

Ads On The Front Page. Outrageous!

According to the New York Times and the Poynter Institute, The Daily News is violating hallowed ground by running ads on their front page, a place typically reserved for editorial. Newspapers have long sold their back pages to advertisers. But the front page, a paper’s most valuable real estate, generally has been considered sacred. Last […]

Smirnoff Tries To Become Hip By Teaching Stuff

I kinda like this idea. The Smirnoff Studio is presenting free classes in music, art and dance at the Paul Robeson Theater in Brooklyn. You can learn hip-hop dancing or graffiti art or how to make music videos or things like that. I wish they’d take this idea on the road instead of confining it […]

Nornna, You Tube Celeb

NYT reports on the You Tube phenom Nornna. Nornna’s videos, which number in the hundreds, are hardly salacious. Usually she is doing something completely commonplace: making a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, powdering her feet, missing her bus, watching television. Some videos of Nonna have been viewed more than 50,000 times. As her videos gained […]

Valleywag Dishes Silicon Gossip

With Nick Denton’s backing, 22-year-old Nick Douglas chronicles the not necessarily glamorous lives of Silicon Valley’s prometheans in his Valleywag blog. The LA Times reports (requires registration): Some techsters hope the site will undercut the image of Silicon Valley as a place filled with pocket protectors and taped-up eyeglasses, where it’s all work and no […]

Your Moment Of Zen

OMG!!! Franz Ferdinand! OMG!!

The latest MySpace “secret show” features Franz Ferdinand playing the Hammerstein Ballroom in New York City today. To get tickets, MySpace users–okay, me–have to make the profile “SecretShow” one of our coveted “top 8” friends. Secret shows began in January and have included performers such as NOFX and the Watson Twins. Publicity for the concerts […]