IT Managers Prepare For Doomsday Scenario

Computer security (to say nothing of Armegeddon) is not exactly a humorous topic, but Fortify Software manages to make it so in this new effort from Hanft Raboy. Of course, the pitch is meant to be serious, but the weighty nature of the topic is delivered with pithy copy like this: 6 Hours from Now […]

Calacanis Shares The Love

Jason Calacanis speaks fondly of his Engadget man, Peter Rojas. Peter Rojas is on the cover of New York Magazine this week–right where he belongs. Seeing him get such major recognition got me to thinking about my history with Peter. One of my favorite moments came a month or two after Peter Rojas had jumped […]

How To Kiss Client Ass

In Say Anything, John Cusack says he doesn’t want to sell, buy, or process anything as a career. What Cusack means is that he doesn’t want to kiss ass. We kiss ass in advertising. Of course, pretty much anybody who works for a living does. But it’s the kind of ass we kiss that makes […]

For The Ad Lover In Your Family

Wieden + Kennedy/London seems surprised to find their work for sale on eBay. The Impossible Making of the Impossible Dream TV Campaign This DVD is an official press release from Honda and provides an insight into the recent “Impossible Dream” Honda TV advertisement campaign’s production, so you can learn more about the brief, what happened […]

Moosehead Lost Its Head

From The Chronicle Herald: Following complaints from a feminist group and incensed customers, New Brunswick’s Moosehead Breweries has pulled an ad that implied women should speak no more than 50 words a day. The ad, which appeared in The Onion, a U.S.-based satirical magazine, read: “The average woman speaks 10,000 words in a day. Roughly […]

AOL Plays Catch Up

USA TODAY reports on AOL’s efforts to keep pace with its fleet footed rivals. This week, AOL begins integrating video search from Truveo, which it bought in December. The big push will come in mid-March, when 14,000 Warner Bros.-owned classic TV shows become available on AOL for free, supported by ads, as part of its […]

“VW Looks ‘Fast’ Out of the Gate”

No doubt that during the two week span of Winter Olympic coverage you will have seen a small black Gremlin-like creature with a menacing evil grin and a movie bad guy voice gracing your television screen. Say hello to “Fast”, VW’s newest personality in the American auto landscape. The campaign springs from Crispin Porter & […]

There’s No There There

Seth Godin hit a nerve with his anti-Vegas rant. I’ve never liked Vegas much. The place seems flimsy and unreal, like a Hollywood set that will be gone tomorrow, after a big dust storm blows it up into Utah. Las Vegas is an epicenter of a trend that is accelerating through every market and community […]

No Lame Names

Last month, Adweek spoke to Steve Stone, president and creative director at Heat/San Francisco. Q. Why do you give your agencies names rather than calling them Stone & Elder, etc.? A. I have always wanted aplace where people could feel like they could be part of a bigger entity, to emotionally feel like they belong […]

Radio Shack To Close A Bunch Of Shacks

I’ll admit I have a soft spot in my heart for Radio Shack. I used to be the king of radio and cassette “Y” adapters. My grandfather was a loyal member of the free battery club. So it pains me, a bit, to read this story from the AP: Electronics retailer RadioShack Corp. on Friday […]