Throwing Down The Gauntlet On Creativity For Creativity’s Sake

Marc Babej has skills. Few people have ever interviewed David Ogilvy, Rosser Reeves and Bill Bernbach in one sitting, and no one has done so posthumously. Until now… Babej: What do you think of advertising that sells lifestyles or attitudes? Bill Bernbach: “The magic is in the product… No matter how skillful you are, you […]

Thanks Nike, Buick, Am X, Accenture, Tag Heuer, etc.

Golf Today: Tiger Woods, 30, has agreed to buy a 10-acre oceanfront estate on Jupiter Island, Florida, for 38 million dollars. Woods, a 10-time major golf champion, led all US athletes with 89.4 million dollars in endorsements and prize money in 2004 and set a record sale price for a property in what Forbes magazine […]

What’s A Man To Do?

I wonder if the mucky mucks at Avon read Beauty Dish, “true underground adventures of an Avon lady.” If they read it today they’ll see that men have a hard time navigating My Turkish friend, Ulak, called me early this morning. “Birdie! I need more of that cologne!” His voice sounded husky, swollen with […]

Apples In Albuquerque

Bart Cleveland, of McKee Wallwork Cleveland, sounds like a good boss. One of my daily goals is to take a walk around the agency and talk to everyone. I really just want to observe how they’re feeling. I want to encourage an excitement within each of them to do something great. Going from good to […]

Dallas Secedes From Bible Belt

Brandweek: The Dallas Convention & Visitors Bureau wants to get the word out that the Texas city welcomes everyone unconditionally. The bureau’s new Web site launched this week,, features content for gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender travelers including GLBT TAG- (Travel Alternatives Group) Approved hotels—now standing at 16 properties—and other gay-friendly restaurants, art museums […]

AOL Added To List Of Heathens

Adfreak’s Tim Nudd points to AOL’s new instant messaging campaign, which makes use of the phrase, I AM. Clever, right? Maybe. But it’s none too appealing to the devout, who listen to the thunder shout, “I AM!” World Net Daily: AOL customer, Ian Millar wonders if any of AOL’s marketing and planning directors ever went […]

Bay Area Blogerati

Average humans who start a blog load the software to their server, or if that’s too complicated they sign up for one of the hosted services. Then they commence posting. And that about wraps up the startup. the Trotts Nick Denton and his Gawker crew are an entriely different beast. When they launch a new […]

Truth In Packaging?

[via Ilya Vedrashko]

Truckers Cry Foul

Ad Age: Coke may think the monster truck-cum-pied piper in its Full Throttle spot plays the hero, but America’s truckers are calling it reckless and have begun a letter-writing campaign to Coke demanding the ad be changed or dropped. The spot was created by Mother/New York. “Every year somebody in Madison Avenue gets lazy and […]

RSS Ads Get Clicked

Adweek: Users receiving RSS feeds are much more likely to click on feed advertising than regular Web ads, according to a new study. Pheedo, a San Francisco company that helps publishers put ads in their Really Simple Syndication feeds, found that RSS ads received a 3.2 percent to 8 percent click-through rate during a study […]