Another Platform For Deep End Diving

John Bell, Vice President and Creative Director at Ogilvy PR, invited me to take part in Morph, a new group blog sponsored by The Media Center, a provocative, future-oriented, nonprofit think tank. Part of the American Press Institute, The Media Center agitates for dialog and action towards the creation of a better-informed society. In my […]

Monday Morning Quarterbacks

Lewis Lazare also liked the Fed Ex “stick” spot from last night’s big game. But Lazare loses me soon thereafter, as he believes the Escalade spot, and the Ameriquest Mortgage hospital spot are “touchdowns.” Ameriquest’s key message, “don’t judge too quickly” does come across loud and clear in the spot, but I question the appropriateness […]

Super Bowl 40–A Commercial Occasion

[Pre-Game Pre-Ramble] USA TODAY provides a list of Super Bowl ads, complete with a one-line synopsis for each. Some of the spots don’t sound too good. Ameriquest: Patient’s family walks in on medical misunderstanding. Budweiser: Sheep is a big fan of big game. CareerBuilder: Chimps celebrate strong sales quarter. Gillette: Five-blade razor is a top […]

Super Spots On Replay

Salt Lake Tribune: Football fans have always enjoyed watching replays, especially during the Super Bowl. Now they will be able to watch replays of the Super Bowl’s commercials, among other special treats. New technologies are changing how marketers are approaching the game – typically the biggest day of the year for Madison Avenue. The roughly […]

Ernie’s Up By 34

Ernie Schenck is up by 34 votes in Ad-Rag’s Battle of the Adblogs. The score is currently AdPulp 203, Ernie 237. Frankly, I’ll be glad when this beauty contest is over on Friday. I’m tired of clicking over there to see the score. Isn’t vanity a sin? I’m pretty sure it is, although I’m rusty […]

Why Buy Media When You Can Become The Media?

Spike Jones points to this iMedia Connection article on Super Bowl expenditures–a cool $2.5 mil per 30 second time slot. The writer, Brad Berens poses the question, “How might this money be better spent?” It’s far from a rhetorical question, for Berens asks 28 qualified people to respond. Gay Warren Gaddis, President and CEO of […]

Vermont Teddy Bear Is As Subtle As A Leather Thong

Valentine’s Day is fast approaching. Naturally, twice today I’ve seen this spot for Vermont Teddy Bear. It’s a one-minute direct response spot narrated by Adam Corolla: “For about the price of a dozen roses, a Vermont Teddy Bear keeps giving and giving.” This is just so…so…direct. Does it work on you?

Gates vs. Jobs: A Different Take

I’m an unabashed Apple fan and Mac user, but this column on Wired News by Leander Kahney is quite an interesting read, talking about Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, their success, their charitable works, and their images. Gates is the cutthroat capitalist. A genius maybe, but one more interested in maximizing profits than perfecting technology. He’s […]

When Blogs Are Little More Than Chatrooms

Flickr founder, Caterina Fake, defends Yahoo (her employer), while perfectly summing up the frustrations I too feel around various aspects* of an open system media. I’ve been watching all the blathering about Yahoo! giving up search dominance to Google, which, I might add, is bullshit. Quotes taken out of context by company executives do not […]

Beer Ads Have To Play By Updated Rules

I’m so glad they’ve cleared this up. From Ad Age, although it’s a subject that seems ripe for The Onion: It’s now officially OK to show people drinking and people flirting in beer ads. The Beer Institute, as part of its move toward industry-self regulation, is modifying its advertising code for the first time since […]