Slice And Dice Technology Helps Keep Brands On Message

Visible World is “the leading provider of technology, tools and services that enable targeted customized television advertising.” In other words, they’re promising direct mail-style pinpointing for the world’s favorite medium. According to Wired: Targeting cable TV ads to a particular neighborhood has always been tricky. In the past, if a local gas station wanted to […]

Commericals Are Really Just Short “Shorts”

This Adweek article claims, “Selling Out Is Now In.” Somehow, I doubt that. Even in Hollywood. As those of you who have unsuccessfully courted A-list celebrities for your U.S. campaigns know, despite being offered beaucoup bucks, incredibly short working hours and ridiculously lavish perks, many of these famous folk have said no way for fear […]

Times Buys Its Condensed Version

Martin Nisenholtz, Senior Vice President of New York Times Digital speaking to Rafat Ali of Paid Content: “We also acquired BlogRunner last year, which is a news aggregator. We discovered it on the Web because the guy who was running it created the Annotated Times. The site took the blogosphere and organizes it by article […]

I Didn’t Know Fallon Had A “B” Team

Lewis Lazare: Last spring, Jerry Dow flew the coop at United Airlines, where he helped orchestrate the debut of the carrier’s glorious “It’s Time to Fly” campaign, to become chief marketing officer for the National and Alamo car rental companies. It took only a few weeks for Dow to initiate an agency review for the […]

Building The Foundation With Story

Caterina points to the launch of Web 2.0 firm, Plum. Hans Peter, Plum’s founder, said this about the launch: There are many reasons to start companies. Perhaps we observe inefficiencies and opportunities in the market and realize that we can build a better solution. Or we see how something could work so much better and […]

You Can’t Fool Mother Google

Pocket Lint: Google has flexed its muscles and dropped BMW Germany from its search engine following the German car manufacturer’s attempts to artificially boost its popularity ranking. The move is likely to send shockwaves through the Internet industry over fears that one company has such power and affect over a website’s access to the public. […]

Is Craig Building Community Or An Empire?

Tim Redmond of San Francisco Bay Guardian is not a big fan of Craig, nor his list. Craig Newmark, the stumbling, self-effacing creator of Craigslist, was the keynote speaker at last weekend’s Association of Alternative Newsweeklies conference in San Francisco. It was an odd choice: Most trade associations don’t invite someone who is costing members […]

Pay Per Send

NYT: Companies will soon have to buy the electronic equivalent of a postage stamp if they want to be certain that their e-mail will be delivered to many of their customers. America Online and Yahoo, two of the world’s largest providers of e-mail accounts, are about to start using a system that gives preferential treatment […]

Apple Calls PCs “Dull Little Boxes.” Intel Ecstatic.

Money: In its ad blitz announcing the first ever Intel-based Macs, Apple skewers PCs — which happen to be Intel’s biggest customers. While Apple is known for controversial ads, the newest spot puts Intel in a potentially uncomfortable spot. Clearly, Intel is happy that its newest customer — one that’s especially rich on cultural cachet […]

How To Waste 5 Mil In 60 Seconds

Barbara Lippert: Let’s start with the lowest of the low: Talk about a $5 million vanity project (so bad they had to run it twice). This complete mess was what it took Bob Parsons 14 tries with ABC to get through—a bunch of cliché-smarmy boy executives rehashing the wonder of last year’s GoDaddy commercial? […]