Riding The Refuse

This new household sailboarder from Germany hangs onto the rim of one’s toilet and surfs the swirling waters keeping the bowl clean and odor free. [via Strange New Products]

Making Sense Of The Snippets

This story from The New York Times sounds strangely familiar. The accelerating speed of business and the relentless churn of consumer trends can create nightmares for marketers and their advertising agencies. By the time clients and creative directors realize that hemlines are going down, they may actually be rising again. Some agencies are responding by […]

They Leave The Empty Kegs On The Cutting Room Floor

Today’s Slate takes a look at the promotional ads colleges insert into football telecasts. If you’re a college football fan, no doubt you’ve seen these and had a good chuckle over them. The ads typically run for 30 seconds during halftime. As state-school spokespersons are quick to point out, colleges don’t pay for the airtime—the […]