Power Is Nothing Without Control…Look For The Video In March

International Herald Tribune: Want to catch the new film starring John Malkovich and Naomi Campbell? You will have to log on to the Internet. And perhaps “film” isn’t quite the right word: The American actor and the British model star in a 10-minute video commissioned by Pirelli, the Italian tire maker, which plans to post […]

WSJ To Humanize

NYT: Move over, People magazine. The Wall Street Journal is invading your turf. Yes, the business newspaper in the gray flannel suit is emphasizing its human side. Starting today, The Journal is expanding its coverage of people and running a comprehensive index of all the people who are mentioned significantly in that day’s newspaper. “People […]

Holland Puts The New PR Machine To Work

According to Bloggers In Amsterdam, The Netherlands Board of Tourism & Conventions is sending 26 bloggers to Amsterdam for five nights at the Lloyd Hotel or the Grand Hotel Krasnapolsky — both five star hotels near the center of the city. No blogging about the trip will be required. In exchange for the trip each […]

George Parker Gets His 15

George Parker of Adscam will be a guest on NBC’s “The Today Show” tomorrow. The segment is being shot today in Boise and onlined to New York in time for Tuesday morning’s program. If this PR opportunity doesn’t rocket him to victory in Ad-Rag’s Battle of the Ad Blogs, then I don’t know…I may begin […]

Fashion Establishment Threatened By Model Who Builds Her Own Brand

Blogger and podcaster, Anina, who also happens to be a top fashion model based in Paris, has been told by Slides to drop the tech stuff or find another agency. they say that fashion and technology do not go together. they say,that i can not do both things and that i must choose to either […]

Google’s Might Raises Suspicion Inside The Beltway

PR exec, Steve Rubel, sees trouble ahead for Google. In chapter eight John Battelle’s incredible book, The Search, he astutely predicted that Google would increasingly fall under the watchful eye of the US government. As we saw earlier this month, John was right. The US government requested aggregate search data not only from Google, but […]

Doris Roberts And Peter Boyle Spell Relief

USA TODAY: Alka-Seltzer marketers have been among advertising’s most prolific producers of jingles and catch phrases done in such infectious ways that they became pop culture staples of their times. For its latest commercial, 75-year-old Alka-Seltzer reached back decades to resurrect perhaps the most famous slogan for the fizzy stomach remedy: “I can’t believe I […]

Virals Spreading Rapidly

Brandweek: A study out this week by interactive marketing agency Sharpe Partners shows that 89% of adult Internet users in the U.S. share content with others via e-mail. And while jokes and cartoons make up 88% of the forwarded material, a full 24% of business and personal finance information is also shared. “We knew a […]

Hang Up And Eat

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Commentary On Cluelessness

Hugh MacLeod describes the gap in thinking between traditional marketers and the new breed busy “open sourcing” their operations. The Stormhoek boys were having a meeting with one of their largest customers, a UK supermarket chain. After a long presentation explaining what they were trying to do with the blogosphere, an exec at the supermarket […]