Blogs Shine On Sun

Micropersuasion: In an interview for Bacon’s Navigator, Sally Falkow writes that Jonathan Schwartz, President and COO of Sun Microsystems said that blogging had played a major role in the revitalization of Sun’s reputation. Sun has gone from the 99th to the 6th most popular server company, largely because it has embraced authenticity and transparency in […]

Up Up And Away

Ad Age: Nearly half of the chief marketing officers at Fortune 500 companies said they plan to increase their online advertising budgets by 30% this year. The growth in projected spending is a result of online being viewed as a preferable ad channel because it is accountable. “The average consumer spends about 30% of their […]

Denton Lays Down Some More Cards

Meme First has an interesting comment string going on Oddjack, the former Gawker Media gambling site, now owned by an anonymous publisher. Since the word in the beginning was the site was to be shuttered, there has been some speculation of late as to who is operating the site, which is clearly active. Felix at […]

Advertaining Video For Your Pod

Pod Guide points to two new advertainment efforts from major marketers. Both are delivered via the brand’s own media property. I’ve noticed a few more big name advertisers are starting to distribute short form content via their web sites in iPod format. It’s the old “BMW Films” strategy of trying to convince people that ads […]

Go Small Or Go Home

John Keehler of Random Culture says let’s give credit where credit is due. He points out, rightly, that Campfire and The Barbarian Group, played huge roles in the development of Audi’s “Art of the Heist” campaign and BK’s Subservient Chicken campaign, respectively. Yet, McKinney and Crispin Porter seem to get all the accolades. Can’t we […]

Plop Plop Fizz Fizz, Oh What A Relief It Is

According to this Seattle Times article, jingles are over and done with. Ad jingles are on the wane, overtaken by pleasingly familiar commercial standbys like the Stones’ “Start Me Up,” which Microsoft enlisted to sell Windows. Advertisers say they’re totally out, gone the way of Atari 2600s, indoor smoking and Libyan bellicosity. Advertisers and pop […]

37signals Flare Spotted By Media

Mitch Wagner at Information Week, thinks 37signals might be the new Google. I don’t know whether 37signals will grow from the plucky little startup it is today to become a multi-billion-dollar world-shaking powerhouse. But 37signals does have the zesty, refreshing, flavor of a little company called Google, ca. 1998. 37signals currently offers four Web-based applications […]

“Heidi Klum Wird McHottie” Causes Freedom Of Speech Stir

According to Heidi Klum’s father, we’re not supposed to use his daughter’s name “for advertising purposes.” A German blogger, did just that in late Novemebr 2004, and 13 months later Guenther Klum officially objected. “Hello, The name “Heidi Klum” is protected by law ® and TM. I’m asking you to delete the name from your […]

The Old Koppel Come Back

Market Watch: Former “Nightline” host Ted Koppel has signed a multi-year deal to produce programming for cable’s Discovery Channel, the network said Wednesday.Koppel, who built a storied 42-year career at ABC News before leaving the network last month, will be joined by veteran “Nightline” executive producer Tom Bettag and eight other former staffers of the […]

CMOs Don’t Stick Around Long

According to Ad Age, CMO magazine, the title from CXO Media aimed at marketing executives, is shutting down after 15 months in business. CXO, part of the International Data Group, introduced the title in September 2004. It had an average circulation of 24,419 during the six months that ended June 2005, according to its first […]