Can You Say Sweatshop?

Pete Barrett’s cover for the December issue of Creativity. From the mouth of Mr. Bogusky: We work like fucking lunatics. This one is legendary. Too much so, in terms of how people imagine it. And we really do work but we get to have so much fun–I think work is just a lousy word to […]

Go Daddy’s Papa Pontificates

Bob Parsons, CEO of domain name registrar, Go Daddy, chimes in on the “art” of TV advertising. In my opinion, in order for a television commercial to be effective, it has to be polarizing. This week, “USA Today” published its annual list of top television advertisements for 2005. “USA Today” showed Go Daddy’s Super Bowl […]

AT&T Promises To Deliver

NYT: AT&T became the country’s largest phone company in November when SBC Communications, one of the original seven Baby Bells, bought AT&T, the old Ma Bell. Having absorbed its former parent and taken its name, executives at SBC are introducing a sweeping campaign to highlight the company’s new aspirations. The challenge is to refresh the […]

Wunderman Buys Bridge To P&G

Adweek: WPP Group relationship marketing shop Wunderman said it has acquired Bridge Worldwide, an interactive agency in Cincinnati. Bridge, which employs 120 people, will operate as an independent unit of Wunderman. Bridge is best known for online efforts for packaged-goods giant Procter & Gamble, which also works with WPP through its Grey and Landor Associates […]

RSS for Marketers

Yahoo!, one of the key providers of mass-market RSS aggregators, finally took a step forward and published their RSS whitepaper, covering their own findings with RSS, based on their usage data. a) Awareness of RSS is quite low among Internet users. 12% of users are aware of RSS, and 4% have knowingly used RSS. b) […]

What The Sheeps Haters Got For Christmas

John January is stoked. He now owns the ultimate gadget and he has a full stomach. So everyone at SHS got video iPods as part of our holiday time revelry.Yup. The whole damn agency. We also got hams. Spiral cut, mind you. As thrilled as I was with the iconic gizmo, I must tell you […]

Pharmie Pharce

Brandweek: Eli Lilly and Co. agreed to plead guilty to a federal misdemeanor charge that it illegally promoted its Evista osteoporosis medication for the treatment of breast cancer and cardiovascular risk reduction. The company also agreed to a $36 million fine to settle the charge. The investigation into the effort began in July 2002. The […]

Time For Someone Else To Make The Donuts

From the AP: Michael Vale, the actor best known for portraying sleepy-eyed Fred the Baker in Dunkin’ Donuts commercials, has died at age 83. Ads featuring Fred, who uttered the trademark line “Time to make the doughnuts,” ran for 15 years until Vale retired in 1997. The same campaign for 15 years? Good lord. These […]

Russian Store Stinks

Toronto Star: A gas attack in a St. Petersburg home-supply store on one of the busiest shopping days of the year sickened scores of people yesterday in an incident that police called likely motivated by a commercial dispute or blackmail attempt. St. Petersburg police spokesman Vyacheslav Stepchenko said the gas appeared to be methyl mercaptan, […]

Good Google

USA TODAY: That many small businesses have grown tremendously thanks to Google’s pay-per-click advertising is well known. The low cost of entry and the fact that advertisers only have to pay if an ad is clicked has brought hundreds of thousands to the new medium, with amazing success stories. Less well-known is that many non-profits […]