The Latest Media Vehicle: School Buses

From USA Today: Advertisements have popped up on buses in Arizona and Massachusetts. New ones are set to appear in Michigan and Colorado. Dozens more districts from Florida to Pennsylvania may join them. “This will spread across the nation, because there’s so much money that will come into schools as a result of doing this,” […]

Adrants Leads The Way

Steve Hall of Adrants answered some questions today. If you asked me in March of 2002 when Adrants was launched as a side project to fill time during a period of between agency unemployment if it would ever become a self-sustaining business that pays all the family’s bills and would become, in March 2004, my […]

Refuge For The Officeless

Fast Company: There was a time when “working a hotel” meant fishnets and a miniskirt–now it’s a laptop and a cell. Hang out in a hotel lobby or bar, particularly a high-end one, and you’re sure to see more people than ever running their entire business operations from a table over in the corner. “With […]

Ownership Model Seriously Out-Of-Date

Marc Babej of Being Resonable recently asked Tom Asacker of A Clear Eye some pertinent questions. Here’s one: Q. You’re one of the few marketing writers who are every bit as passionate about retention marketing as they are to acquisition. Is retention marketing getting more respect now than it used to, and why? A. Thanks […]

Jason’s Prognosis

Jason Calacanis, CEO of Weblogs, Inc. makes some interesting predictions for 2006. Read them all at his site, or read these two, cherry-picked for your pleasure. 13. The housing bubble will deflate/burst (it’s much worse now than people are saying) and consumer confidence and spending will be moderately shaken. This will create a pullback in […]

Proof That Geekery Can Be Sexy

[via Kris Krug] p.s. CMS = Content Management System

Hummer Bummer

If you own a Hummer, don’t be surprised if people give you the finger while you’re out and about. There’s a web site with hundreds of photos of people doing just that.

Authors Begin To Blog On Amazon

NYT: Shoppers looking to pick up Meg Wolitzer’s latest novel, “The Position,” on last week found the usual readers’ comments and excerpts from reviews. They also found something unexpected: posts on the subject of literature from Ms. Wolitzer herself. The entries were part of a new program called Amazon Connect, begun late last month […]

Suspend Disbelief For The Holidays

Freelance Fred thinks Lexus is stretching a bit with its buy-your-honey-a-new-car spot. t’is the season to hallucinate I’ve read reports that the average American will spend under $700 this year for everyone on his or her Christmas list. And yet, the marketing people at Lexus seem to feel that some of us will go out […]

New Weapons In The Talent War

Steve Rubel of Cooper Katz, a NYC pr firm, sees a larger role for corporate blogs in 2006. In 2006 blogs will play a bigger role in how companies find and retain key talent. Smaller companies that might normally have a tough time positioning themselves as cutting edge places to work will use transparency to […]