Cleveland Clinic Offers Second Opinions Online

Washington Post: “My Consult” is a Web-based second opinion service offered by e-Cleveland Clinic, the facility’s Internet service. Patients who have received a diagnosis of any of more than 600 life-threatening or life-altering conditions can request an electronic consultation with a Cleveland Clinic doctor. For $565, a physician provides a written second opinion and a […]

Dear Diary, Is This Still The Way They Do TV Ratings?

Here’s an amusing article out of today’s Cleveland Plain Dealer, entitled “Confessions of a Nielsen Family,” in which columnist John Horton recounts his family’s week of watching TV and writing down what they watched. Seven days of chronicling viewing habits taught me this: The remote control is a dangerous weapon in the wrong hands, and […]

Retailers Bait Sportsmen With Mountains Of Gear

USA Today: Millions of anglers, hunters and target shooters are shelling out billions of dollars on gear, from $300 fly-fishing rods to $10,000 shotguns. Outdoor retailers such as Cabela’s are expanding nationwide, opening superstores that attract legions of shoppers and tourists. Outdoor trade shows are drawing more exhibitors each year. Many of the enthusiasts are […]

Blue Horse Rides Free

Lewis Lazare: There’s been an amicable divorce at Ebel Signorelli Welke/Chicago. The three partners who formed the agency in 2002 have split up. Bob Ebel has left the advertising business altogether to become president of Elmhurst-based MyLife Home Health Services, an organization providing in-home health care to the elderly. Creative leader Bob Welke also has […]

Six Flags’ “Mr Six” Likely To Get Deep-Sixed

New management at a client usually means changes in marketing tactics or switching agencies. But in the case of Six Flags, the changes will be more drastic. The new management team includes Daniel Snyder, who made his fortune in junk ma–I mean direct mail. He’s now the owner of The Washington Redskins, where he once […]