Journey To Torino (67 Days Left)

I wondered when a brand would utilize Flickr in an ad/pr campaign. We now have an answer, and the answer is Visa. Julia Mancuso, a Visa blogger Journey to Torino is a blog written by six Olympic athletes and one moderator/host. The blog also features a podcast and a Flickr link from the sidebar. Cammi […]

Make The Product Interesting

The writer must make the product itself interesting. Otherwise, a great part of his ingenuity and inventiveness will be used in devising tricks which lower the efficiency of advertising, rather than raising it. –Rosser Reeves Babej has been reading Rosser Reeves’ classic, Reality In Advertising. From the quote above, it does not sound dated. Evidently, […]

Ft. Collins Residents Find Something To Be Uptight About

Spike Jones at Brains On Fire points to this twisted identity story from Fort Collins, CO. The owners of the Drunken Monkey are considering changing the controversial name of their bar – and they want the community to help. The Old Town bar, 151 S. College Ave., is named for a Kung Fu movie and […]

Big Money At Top Of Media Pile

According to Ad Age, Comcast Corp. President CEO Brian L. Roberts’ total compensation for 2004 was $33.5 million, making him the highest paid media executive in the magazine’s survey. Roberts and his rival James O. Robbins, president-CEO of Cox Communications, who was paid $29.4 million, beat out such well-known luminaries as Sumner Redstone, chairman-CEO of […]

Selma To Sell Really Expensive Specs

Sky Showbiz: Actress Selma Blair has landed an endorsement deal with Chanel. According to Glamour, she will be the new face of Chanel Vision, promoting the high couture giant’s range of stunning specs. She’s been snapped in many a glam Chanel frock, both new and vintage. Last year she chose Chanel for her wedding dress […]

“Behavioral Marketing” Is Still “Spyware”

Wired: The spyware wars are over – and spyware has won. Back in 2002, Gator was one of the most reviled companies on the Net. Maker of a free app called eWallet, the firm was under fire for distributing what critics called spyware, code that covertly monitors a user’s Web-surfing habits and uploads the data […]

Banking On Eco-Consciousness

ShoreBank Pacific, a Washington State chartered, FDIC insured bank, is the first commercial bank in the United States with a commitment to environmentally sustainable community development. We believe that long-term community prosperity goes hand-in-hand with a healthy environment. Through our lending programs, we support individual and community efforts to bring together conservation and economic development. […]

Lowe Ballin’

Ad Age: Lowe Worldwide founder Frank Lowe emerged from retirement today with the surprise announcement that he is setting up a new advertising agency with Paul Weinberger, who resigned as chairman of Lowe London. Mr. Weinberger is expected to take with him Lowe London’s biggest account, the $75 million Tesco supermarket business he has overseen […]

Agencies In Strange Places: Twelfth In A Series

According to Adweek and his own press releases, Ernie Mosteller, an author and creative director who founded production houses in New York and Florida, has launched an advertising agency in Galveston, Texas, called Tangelo Ideas. The agency identity was inspired by Mosteller’s youth spent on a citrus farm in Florida. Author of a book on […]

Close But No Cigar

Forbes: The Shanghai No 2 Intermediate People’s Court yesterday ordered two Chinese companies to pay more than 300,000 yuan in compensation to Hennessy Cognac for infringing the French company’s trademark, the China Daily reported. Zhuhai Xiangmutong Trading Co and Xiamen Golden Huanya Food Co, a bottling company, have been ordered to pay compensation, cease infringing […]