Pitch Or Perish

Hugh MacLeod has produced some doodles for his friends at Cravens Advertising in Newcastle, England. While snooping around their site, these etymological gems surfaced. I’ve been reading “Which Lie Did I Tell” by William Goldman (the guy who wrote Butch Cassidy & Sundance Kid). A fantastic book about his experiences as a screenwriter in Hollywood. […]

Collectives Gathering Steam

Bloggers Blog features a comprehensive list of blog networks. Several of the networks in their list are MSM properties with a handful of so-called blogs. I don’t believe such “blogs” a network makes. But I digress. I’m interested in what the independent networks are doing, especially after Jason Calacanis showed the bloatoshpere the proverbial money […]

Nixon Would Be Proud

[via J-Walk]

Municipal Property The New Blank Canvas

USA Today reports that cash-strapped cities across the nation are looking for ways to boost revenue. Their answers increasingly include selling ad space on municpal property. Government Acquisitions LLC of Charlotte, NC wants to help police departments defray the cost of new vehicles, by arranging for national and local advertisers to buy media on said […]

Bringing “The Conversation” To An Analog Medium

Thanks to The Spunker for the image.

Chinese Capitalists Prefer Euro Stylings

NYT: American products are struggling these days in the Chinese market, where they have trouble measuring up to European brands and even some Chinese brands. Abby Chan, a 23-year-old advertising copywriter, took a break from shopping for Levi’s jeans at a mall here (Guangzhou, China) on Wednesday evening and relaxed at a table in a […]

Do You Work With A T.O.?

I think many of us would agree that advertising is home to an inordinant number of troublesome employees. Why this business attracts so many jerk offs remains something of a mystery (at least to me). Perhaps the recent Terrell Owens debacle in Philadpelpha can shed some light. Wharton: Faculty members at Wharton and other experts […]

Content Creators Beware

Doc Searls is concerned about the future of the net. In Linux Journal, he outlines his reasons for concern. Here’s but a snippet: With the purchase and re-animation of AT&T’s remains, the collection of former Baby Bells called SBC will become the largest communications company in the US–the new Ma Bell. Verizon, comprised of the […]

C-K ECD Gets Bumped Up To CCO

Lewis Lazare is curious about the promotion of one of Chicago’s top creatives. Marshall Ross, longtime executive creative director at Cramer-Krasselt/Chicago, has been upped to chief creative officer overseeing creative units in C-K’s Chicago, Milwaukee, Phoenix and Orlando, Fla., offices, but, oddly enough, not C-K’s New York office, headed by Dean Stefanides and Larry Hampel. […]

Future Of Hazy Groups Uncertain

Business Week: My research department doesn’t know it, but I’m killing all our focus groups.” So spoke Cammie Dunaway, chief marketing officer at Yahoo! Inc., at a Silicon Valley conference in September. Dunaway doesn’t plan to harm the groups of innocents that marketers have long assembled in beige conference rooms to observe behind two-way mirrors, […]