Momentum Dudes Are Stoked

Chris Weil and Jeff Weiss of Momentum Worldwide The New York Times has an article on why these guys are stoked, but I found it hard to get past the photo.

Daddy Starbux Helps Struggling Artists In Their Midst

Lewis Lazare picked up on this Starbucks press release: As much as the coffee itself, the employees who serve it are what make the Starbucks experience unique. In an attempt to help customers better understand the real people who wear the Starbucks aprons, the company installed an elaborate multiscreen video wall at its 932 N. […]

Evhead Revisited

Odeo CEO (and Nebraska native), Evan Williams has some great advice for web-based startups. And he ought to know, having co-founded Blogger, which is now part of Google. #1: Be Narrow #2: Be Different #3: Be Casual #4: Be Picky #5: Be User-Centric #6: Be Self-Centered #7: Be Greedy #8: Be Tiny #9: Be Agile […]

Freegans Are Not Only Resistant To Advertising, But Commercialism Itself

The Times: The Thanksgiving holiday is over and the frenzied Christmas shopping season has begun. This is bonanza time for the tribe of rummaging Americans known as “freegans”. The anti-capitalist freegans — the name combines “free” and “vegan” — are so appalled by the waste of the consumer society that they try to live on […]

Blogs Hiring While Papers Wither

The New York Sun: As newspapers across America race to shrink the size of their news staffs, a prominent liberal blogger is doing something virtually unheard of these days: hiring new reporters. Over the weekend, the proprietor of, Joshua Marshall, announced that he is seeking two journalists to work for a new blog that […]

Drug Company Cheerleaders

The New York Times is reporting on the prepoderance of beautiful people in pharmy sales. Even if it’s all true, it seems like a strange, but revealing, topic. Anyone who has seen the parade of sales representatives through a doctor’s waiting room has probably noticed that they are frequently female and invariably good looking. Less […]

Back To Basics Builds Business

Sullivan Higdon & Sink (the “We Hate Sheep” people from K.C.) got into this year’s CA Design Annual for their Shatto Milk Co. package design. We at Shatto Milk Company have decided to provide our milk primarily in glass bottles. The reasons for this decision are very simple. First, the glass bottle tends to keep […]

Brits Complain About Lack Of Content

Digital Spy: Ofcom has upheld 23 complaints over the frequency of ad breaks during Channel 4’s Lost. Viewers had complained that the breaks were too close together and lasted too long, and that the programme often began early and finished late. Channel 4 said that “in order to compete commercially with other terrestrial channels it […]

BBH Going To School On Consumer Generated Media

Ad Age: Bartle Bogle Hegarty’s response to the rapidly evolving ways consumers are using media is a newfangled discipline dubbed “engagement planning.” Kevin Brown, 43, who worked at BBH from 1990 to 1995, now leads the recently launched unit as director. Mr. Brown said engagement planning brings knowledge, insights and ideas about consumers’ media usage […]

Jay Peak Takes Page Out Of Mad River Glen’s Book

Adweek: Almighty has unveiled its first ad campaign for Vermont’s Jay Peak Resort. Creative stresses the “kinship” between serious skiers who view winter sports as an avocation rather than a pastime. The theme of the effort is “Move up,” and the work—which features portraits of average people not immediately recognizable as avid skiers—will run mainly […]