Nancy Vonk Talks With Sally Hogshead

As part of her “Naked Career” podcasts, Sally Hogshead lands what they call in show bidness a big “get”: Nancy Vonk, Co-CD of Ogilvy Toronto, whose comments about Neil French…well, if I have to fill in that part, you must’ve been in the Kalahari for the last month. You can download the podcast at Talent […]

Here The Dreamers Be

Mobile technology evangelist and Yahooligan, Russell Beattie, went on one of his patented rants the other day. It’s good stuff. It just seems that no one is trying to change the world any more. No one is aiming to create “insanely great” products or do the impossible. Why not? Why are so many people grasping […]

Happy Day After Halloween

Surf’s Up In Estonia

c|net: “It is time to say that electricity and the Internet are very similar in end users’ eyes,” the sandy-haired Veljo Haamer said over a cup of smoky black tea. Haamer, one of Estonia’s unofficial chief geeks, is largely responsible for a level of Wi-Fi connectivity-–even in remote areas-–that puts the biggest cities in America […]

Successful WOM Means No B.S.

John Moore considers Adweek’s report, Measuring Buzz. The major reason why word-of-mouth hasn’t taken off is not because marketers lack the metrics to measure it. It’s because most products, services, and businesses simply aren’t worth talking about. Johnnie Moore picks up on his thinking and adds to it. Most boring conversations are only a heartbeat […]

The High Price Of Online Content

Media Post: Led by a surge in entertainment spending, U.S. consumers shelled out $987 million for online content during the first half of this year, marking a 16 percent increase from the first half of 2004, according to a report issued Monday by the Online Publishers Association. Spending at entertainment and lifestyle soared by about […]

Notice Us (And Our Ads Too)

According to Wieden + Kennedy’s London office, these guys – Dave and Ian – were outside this morning with their banner, no doubt encountering all sorts of abuse from passing students, drunks and conceptual artists.

Adapt Your Messaging To The Consumer’s Needs

Steve Rubel advises clients to let go of the idea that they can stuff their blog full of old-style advertising. Give us a reason to read your blog. Give us something we can’t find anywhere else. Provide information that your customers, partners and prospects care about, not necessarily what you care about. Be a resource […]

Where Worker Bees Make Honey

The Work Environment Index (WEI), rates working environments in all 50 states and Washington, D.C., in terms of average pay, employment opportunities, employee benefits, percentage of low-income workers, fair treatment between genders and ability for employees to unionize. It is the first index to evaluate worker climate as opposed to business climate on a state-by-state […]

Along The Path To A Sale a.k.a. Sway

Lewis Lazare: Chicago-based veteran creative Gordon Robertson is giving Chicago something it needs more of — a new boutique ad agency. Robertson is teaming with Brainforest, a design firm specializing in Web, identity and strategic development, to launch the city’s newest boutique shop, called Sway Creative Group, which will function as the advertising division at […]