Actually, Winning Is Everything

Lewis Lazare contemplates the tagline’s place in motivational psychology. For Two by Four/Chicago, the timing couldn’t have been more perfect. The local shop was named ad agency of record for the Chicago White Sox a year ago, just in time to put in place an ad campaign for a season that would prove an unexpectedly […]

Knock The Hustle: Simply The Best Ad Book I’ve Read In A Long Time

I’ll readily admit that I’ve been waiting for my copy of Hadji Williams’ new book Knock The Hustle: How to Save Your Job and Your Life from Corporate America for 3 months now, since I first heard about it and saw the excerpts on his website. And now that it’s here and I’ve read it, […]

Rankings Are Rank At Reed

Colin Diver, President of Reed College in Portland, OR has no need, nor love for ranking systems. Writing in The Atlantic, Diver utterly destroys U.S. News & World Report. It’s an enjoyable read. And one the bloatosphere–whose members are too often obsessed with their Technorati rank, Google rank or Blogebrity status–might learn from. For ten […]

Teens Flee From High Culture

The Guardian: Mozart, Brahms and Bach have been enlisted to discourage youths from hanging around shops at seaside towns. Classical music has been piped into Co-op stores at Seaton and Teignmouth in Devon for just over a week, and already youngsters who used to congregate near the doors have gone elsewhere. The supermarket plans to […]

All Text-Based Work Is Interactive

Kurt Vonnegut in Forbes: What I do, which is becoming more and more impractical I think, is make people respond to idiosyncratic arrangements of 26 phonetic symbols and ten Arabic numbers in horizontal lines on a page. And there was a time when this was a form of home entertainment, and so it was worthwhile […]

It’s Fun To Fend For Yourself

Holy crap. I’ve hit The Print Motherload. Gerber asks that you “Fend For Yourself,” in their wonderfully rendered print ads and online. America, when did we become so soft? When did we decide campgrounds needed laundromats? When the car stalled,whose bright idea was it to reach for a cell phone instead of a tool? There […]


Adfreak points to this Design Observer post from Michael Bierut, a partner at Pentagram. Bierut laments the decision by SBC to retire Saul Bass’ iconic AT+T logo after the big merger is complete later this year. Take a long, last look at Saul Bass’s finest moment. AT&T will live on, but its logo is about […]

Erwin-Penland Makes Upstanding Gesture

Adweek: The front row of seats on 15 public transportation buses in Greenville, S.C., bear black ribbons in memory of Rosa Parks, the Alabama cleaning woman who helped spark the civil rights movement by refusing to surrender her bus seat to a white man. The ribbons carry the message, “Sometimes you have to sit down […]

Wong Doody Breaks All The Rules

I have not heard much about Seattle’s Wong Doody, of late. That could be my own fault, or it may have something to do with WD not putting time or energy into press releases (those dinosaur speaking docs have little future). Either way, I was pleased to hear from Mario Schulzke at WD’s LA office. […]

Gin Joins Juice On Satellite Radio

The New York Times: Sirius Satellite Radio is joining the growing ranks of media outlets that accept liquor advertising, as it begins running musical commercials for Diageo’s Tanqueray gin. Neither Sirius Satellite Radio nor its rival, XM Satellite Radio, carries commercials on any of its scores of music channels. Both carry spots on most of […]