Vanilla And Coke To Separate

USA Today: Coca-Cola said Friday it would phase out its Vanilla Coke, Vanilla Diet Coke and Diet Coke With Lemon beverages in the United States by end of this year. The announcement came a day after the world’s largest soft drink maker said it would phase out Vanilla Coke and Vanilla Diet Coke in the […]

Crispin Gets Big–Big Enough For A NYT Story

Jay Chiat used to ask “How big can we get before we get bad?” Today, The New York Times asks that question about CB&P. Some skeptics see Crispin and like-minded agencies as a temporary blip. “The big agencies are saying that being big doesn’t mean you can’t be creative, and they’re going to prove it,” […]

It’s Weird How Weird Makes Money

John Warner, a.k.a. The Swamp Fox, is a Greenville, SC-based venture capitalist. On his blog, he writes about the Greenville Chamber’s recent visit to Austin, TX–a city that has emerged as an entrepreneurial haven with the third-most venture capital investment in the country. In other words, the money is flowing in Austin. Warner asks why […]

Amazon To Sell Chapters Like iTunes Sells Songs

Through a service called Amazon Pages, Amazon will allow people to “inexpensively” buy chapters from a book and read them online. Customers will get complete online access to the book through another service called Amazon Upgrade. Both services are an extension of Amazon’s existing search within a book program. “Amazon Pages and Amazon Upgrade leverage […]

Casting For Dollars

Fruitcast is a new service with the aim of commercializing podcasts. Their logo is also strangely reminiscent, but that’s another story. We make it ridiculously easy to put ads on your podcast. All you have to do is sign up for an account, and post the new feed URL we create for you on your […]

If We Don’t Measure Their Impact Maybe They’ll Go Away

Ad Age: Terrestrial broadcasters insist they’re not nervous about satellite radio’s 7 million subscribers, but they’ve successfully stalled Arbitron’s plan to add satellite and online radio listening to its diary measurement system. Arbitron was originally scheduled to instruct its diary keepers to record their satellite and online radio listening in the fall 2005 book. Instead, […]

Lamar Builds Better Boards Lamar Advertising Co. sustained $14 million in hurricane damage to its billboards in Louisiana and Mississippi, according to the company. But the company’s chief financial officer said new designs will cut future storm repair costs. CFO Keith Istre said the storms would allow the company “to replace existing inventory with wind-resistant structures that are […]

For Some The World Is Flat

Marketing guru Adam Hanft, founder and CEO of Hanft Unlimited queries Richard Florida in a Fast Company web exclusive. Hanft: Does the importance of the Creative Class in driving innovation fly in face of the notion that technology makes geography insignificant? Are we becoming a world where free-agents work entrepreneurially, as “nowhereians” with a global […]

Theif Gives Spyware Even Worse Name

Wired: In the first U.S. prosecution of its kind, FBI agents arrested a 20-year-old Los Angeles man Thursday on charges that he cracked some 400,000 Windows machines and covertly installed pop-up-generating adware on them, in a scheme that allegedly brought in $60,000 in ill-gotten profits. Jeanson Ancheta faces a 17-count federal indictment charging him with […]

NASCAR Dad Meet Yoga Mama

Yahoo News: Julia King, 38, is part of an emerging class of women whom marketers call Yoga Mamas. These middle- and upper-income mothers are more style- and brand-conscious than their parents. No matter their income, they spend like lottery winners on their babies and toddlers. In the process, they’re revolutionizing the baby-products market and forcing […]