More Brains Less Bravado

“Wideeyedgirl,” an award-winning creative in Australia–commenting on the Neil French story that won’t go away– believes we need higher standards in advertising creative departments. In fact, she’s so discouraged she may opt to become a suit, in order to be viewed as a professional with something valuable to say. I believe there is a strong […]

Shut Up And Commute

I used to ride the Brown Line into the Loop, so it was with piqued interest that I followed Adrants pointer to this great piece of front line reporting from the CTA Tatler, a blog that covers Chicago’s rail and bus lines. I ride the brown line from Western to Chicago during rush hour. At […]

Janet Kestin Weighs In On The Neil French Firestorm

Janet Kestin is a Creative Director at Ogilvy Toronto. She works alongside Nancy Vonk, whose comments about the Neil French event got the brouhaha going. We haven’t heard much from Nancy since Neil offered his resignation last week, but today, on I Have An Idea, Janet throws in her 2 cents. And she’s right on. […]

New Beetle Vs. Banana Hammock

VW is going with a decidedly retro/dayglo/superhero pitch to sell the new Beetle. Here’s some “Force of Good” copy from a print execution: Who will champion snooze buttons, clouds that look like furry animals, and all-you-can-eat buffets? Who will step into the ring and become A Force of Good? The print and online components encourage […]

A Piece Of The AdPulp Story

Designers Who Blog kindly featured AdPulp on their site this week. Catherine (cat) Morley, blogger and founder of the Katz-i International Web & Graphic Design with operations in SE Asia and the UK, said we need an “About” page, since we weren’t giving her a lot to go on. Her prompting makes me think of […]

Interesting Interactive

I renewed my subscription to Communication Arts recently and the Interactive Annual 11 arrived today. I’m struck by how far this media environment has come in such short time. Aiwa’s winning entry There are 38 winners in five categories–advertising, business, entertainment, information design and self-promo. Maybe blogs could be added to the list for next […]

RSS Killers On The Loose

Wired: Blog addicts overwhelmed by information may have found their savior. Memeorandum, which started with a focus on political blogs in 2004 and launched a technology version just weeks ago, aims to be the automated newspaper of the online world. It attempts to solve the problem of information overload with a few smart algorithms that […]

Mossberg Says DRM Reaches Too Far

Walter Mossberg for WSJ: In some quarters of the Internet, the three most hated letters of the alphabet are DRM. They stand for Digital Rights Management, a set of technologies for limiting how people can use the music and video files they’ve purchased from legal downloading services. DRM is even being used to limit what […]

Real Leaders Listen

Management Issues: The battle to break through the glass ceiling into the boardroom leaves many women negative, worn down and disillusioned that they are not being used to their full potential. The study of 6,000 managers by consultancy ISR found a quarter of women in senior jobs did not feel adequately involved in decision making. […]

Not The Official Version

Shaghaiist: Online do-it-yourself encyclopedia Wikipedia, every lazy blogger’s best friend, will not load in Shanghai without the aid of a proxy server. The site worked yesterday. Most assume the free information source has been blocked by the Chinese government. We can’t imagine why.