Enough With The Branding Already

Fast Company: Branding is the self-help industry of corporate America. Sure, it may be difficult to admit–perhaps even a bit embarrassing–but let’s face it: Both branding and self-help have experienced booming growth over the past decade, seemingly in reaction to rising levels of personal and professional insecurity. Both fields are populated with self-anointed experts. And […]

Headhunters Take To The Blog

Our friends at Talent Zoo have launched a recruitment blog, Hiring Revolution, written by TZ Vice Presidents Amy Hoover and Ragan Jones. Andrea Rizk, the resident PR expert at Talent Zoo, has launched Chasing The Press, a PR industry blog. And word is, this new ad blog is a Talent Zoo property.

Bell Helicopter Blames Someone Else For Its Tasteless Ad

Reuters: Boeing Co. apologised on Friday for a mistakenly published advertisement for its V-22 Osprey aircraft showing troops dropping onto the roof of a mosque in what appears to be a simulated battle scene. The ad, coming amid rising concern among Muslims over U.S. military action in Iraq and Afghanistan, prompted immediate complaints from the […]

The Wiki Way To Search Engine Optimization

Steve Rubel points to an interesting post on the Socialtext blog. Google is becoming increasingly prone to Wikipedia. This is because Google’s PageRank algorithm, the method by which it ranks search pages, inherently succumbs to the basic structure and social structure of wikis. The PageRank algorithm is most famously characterized as valuing links that are […]

BBDO Chicago Fights Apathy With Energy

Lewis Lazare: The Chicago arm of BBDO got a new name Monday: Energy BBDO. The moniker stems from a two-year effort to develop a model in the Chicago shop, a model that agency executives are convinced has proved effective in winning new business, most recently Wm. Wrigley Jr. brands Life Savers and Creme Savers. Other […]

Dear National City Bank,

How stupid is your marketing department? I leave town for 9 days and what did I find in the stack of mail upon my return? 1) A Visa “CheckCard” I never asked for, but is just sitting in an envelope any moron can feel has a card enclosed. It’s just there waiting to be “instantly […]

ICANN Under Commerce’s Thumb

Caption It

What Would Jesus Double Down On?

Here’s a news flash: Religious people are a little sensitive about their deities. From Yahoo: Irish bookmaker Paddy Power was fending off the wrath of Christians in overwhelmingly Roman Catholic Ireland on Friday over an advert depicting Jesus and the Apostles gambling at the Last Supper. The billboard posters, on display in the Irish capital, […]

The Avocado Agency

Adweek reports that Dentsu’s Colby and Partners has added two avocado-promoting clients to its roster–the Hass Avocado Board and the Chilean Avocado Importers Association. The Santa Monica shop already has an eight-year relationship with the California Avocado Commission, an account it retains. It’s right and good that Colby could leverage its experience on the thick-skinned […]