Sex Sells “Your Favorite Little Pelmeni”

Konstantin Dlutskiy writes about marketing and advertising in Russia. ‘Pelmeni’ are Russian ravioli-like pasta envelopes containing minced meat. Always with meat. Envelopes with mashed potatoes or fruits are called ‘vareniki’ and are more popular in Ukraine. The popularity of pelmeni in Russia is immense. It’s one of the most popular traditional fast food. You simply […]

Buying A Toyota In Michigan A Dangerous Game

Car dealers… How many times have you been driven out of your mind by the lame stumblings of your car dealer? If you’re like most Americans, too many times to count. Lansing State Journal: As a veteran car salesman, Mark Whipple has seen his share of buyer-seller disagreements. But never in his 20 years on […]

Tupperware Parties Explode

USA Today is running an article on direct selling. Amy Robinson, spokeswoman for the Direct Selling Association (DSA), says 74% of consumers have purchased something via direct selling. “If I bring it to you in your home, there’s no real distraction, and I can get you to shop for an hour and a half. If […]

Broadband Puts You On Fast Track Or So Bell Says

Denton Scores European Distribution Deal

According to Micropersuasion, Nick Denton of Gawker Media–the English bloke who loves to poo poo the business of blogs–has struck a deal with VNU to distribute Gizmodo’s content in Europe. Gizmodo’s content will be translated from English into 6 additional languages, then augmented with local coverage for each market. Besides English, now will be […]

Copywriters Lack Stamp Of Approval

Zombie Boy at Beyond Madison Avenue has an interesting rant on the word “copywriter” and its decided lack of sex appeal. Sadly, for the average person outside the ad industry, the job title “Copywriter”, brings to mind either some guy who sits at the end of a long production line of freshly published books with […]

Directly Speaking, Can We Control Ourselves?

Well, on Monday I wrote of my displeasure with National City Bank. For the bigger implications of this, check out my new column on Talent Zoo: Since I work in the ad industry, I know this wasn’t a faceless backroom operation. Someone high up at my bank had the idea to send out unsolicited CheckCards. […]

And They Won’t Be Driving Away In VWs

Adweek: Havas-owned Arnold will begin laying off staff tomorrow as it prepares to lose its largest account, Volkswagen of America, which last month said it would shift its estimated $400 million account to MDC Partners’ Crispin Porter + Bogusky. Sources said the agency would trim between 50 and 80 employees from its Boston headquarters, or […]

A Hard Look At The Old Soft Sell

San Francisco Chronicle: In most ads, a company is trying to sell you a product, or a brand, or some oxymoronic notion of corporate philosophy (as if the pursuit of profit wasn’t credible self-justification in a capitalist marketplace). But flipping through a recent copy of the New Yorker — the Sept. 5 issue, to be […]

Where Brands Can Go With Their Blogs

Some smart people have recently asked me pertinent questions about the value of blogs for brands and branded communications. This is a rich topic–one we might spend days exploring at an expensive seminar on a tropical island. For our purposes here, I’ll offer a couple of scenarios to consider. Before I do, I’d like to […]