Coke Really Does Want To Reinvent Its Advertising

Coke asked for ideas. Now they’re about to get some. According to Adweek, Portland-based independent, Wieden + Kennedy has picked up duties on the soft drink giant’s flagship brand. Billings are rumored to be in the neighborhood of $200 million. Pio Schunker, vice president of advertising for the Atlanta-based soft drink giant, made the decision […]

Rum Raises

Lewis Lazare: While breweries are scrambling to come up with a national marketing strategy to elevate beer’s image among a customer base that increasingly has turned to other drink options, a number of major liquor and spirits brands are positioning themselves as classy alternatives to beer. Add Brown-Forman’s Appleton Estate Jamaica Rum to that group. […]

When A New Porsche Won’t Do

According to C|NET, software baron Dave Duffield is returning to the San Francisco Bay Area, and he plans to do it in style. The PeopleSoft founder has drafted plans for a mansion bigger than the Hearst Castle on 22 acres of land in the town of Alamo, about 30 miles East of the city by […]

“Chief Marketing Officer” Hot Potato Of A Job

The New York Times: According to a study released this week by the executive search firm Spencer Stuart, which surveyed 100 companies, marketing chiefs had an average tenure of 22.9 months – compared with chief executives with an average stay of 53.8 months. Nearly half of the chief marketers surveyed had been on the job […]

Power To The Pedal

USA Today: A spike in gasoline prices is fueling what could be the biggest year for U.S. bicycle sales since the Arab oil embargoes more than 30 years ago. “It should be close to 20 million units. If you look back historically, the three best years for bike sales were 1972, 1973, and 1974,” Tim […]

Humanizing The Experience

Mike Davidson points to the launch of Blue Flavor, a new web design studio in Seattle. Actually, they’re “an experience design company with a focus on new media.” Naturally, a firm such as this will prominently feature their blog. On the Blue Flavor blog, Nick Finck, Director of User Experience, waxes poetic about the brand […]

Square Pegs In Round Holes

Hugh MacLeod: One thing you notice when you start attending the blog conferences and hanging around the more well-known and respected bloggers on the planet: None of them seem to take it very seriously. They just get on with it. If what they do works for them, it’s because it all comes naturally. But maybe […]

Ogilvy PR Uses RSS To Publish Their Reading List

Steve Rubel points to Ogilvy PR’s new site where they share their blog reading list and encourage users to put these sites in their own RSS readers, or to use Ogilvy’s new site as their RSS feeding trough. On a related note, Robbin Phillips, Brains On Fire’s Courageous President, wants to change the name of […]

Fresca’s Facelift

Lewis Lazare: Last time we checked, the Coca-Cola Co. wasn’t cash-strapped. So it’s surprising the company couldn’t come up with a more compelling look for the revamped Fresca design hitting grocery store shelves this week. Fresca’s new bubble-inspired design strikes us as something you’d be more likely to find on a third-rate generic cola. Rack […]

Cha Ching

Paid Content is breaking the story du jour. Jason Calacanis is selling his Weblogs, Inc. to AOL for up to $35 million US dollars. For Calacanis, this is his second company being sold in a space of about two years…his original company Rising Tide Studios was first sold to Wicks Business Information, which in itself […]