A Clean Well Lighted Place

Butler Shine’s Influx Insights features a write up on Paragraph, a new work space for writers. Their interest is centered around the idea of cultural hubs and how brands might benefit from the creation of such places. In the case of Paragraph, it’s not a brand, but an entrepreneurial team of writers behind the launch […]

The Triumphant Return Of Champ And Moore

The Wieden + Kennedy creative team who gave birth to inspirational advertising for Nike’s womens line in the mid-1990s are back. Janet Champ and Charlotte Moore have written a book and they have a brand new blog in support of said book. Ripe: The Truth About Getting Older and The Beauty of Getting On With […]

Act Now And Receive A Free MRE. Operators Are Standing By!

Ok, I watched the President’s speech last night. Did anybody else cringe when he said this: Many families were separated during the evacuation, and we are working to help you reunite. Please call 1-877-568-3317, that’s 1-877-568-3317, and we will work to bring your family back together, and pay for your travel to reach them. You […]

Mushroom Stroganoff Gets Dooced

“A savory sherry cream sauce, fresh mushroom and parmesan with egg noodles.” -Noodles Dooce: Tonight Jon indulged me and instead of having to throw yet another frozen Costco dinner into the oven we drove to Noodles and Co. to secure an edible meal. When people ask me if I cook I say, yes, I do, […]

Shakes In The Park

Adweek: Creature in Seattle is Burgerville-izing Shakespeare for the Vancouver, Wash.-based restaurant chain. This past weekend and next, the independent agency is producing “Shakes in the Park,” an outdoor theater series in Portland, Ore., in which Burgerville’s signature huckleberry milkshake will serve as protagonist (and complimentary snack) in 20-minute adaptations of As You Like It […]

Hall Embraces Book While Rebuking Reactionary Flailings

Steve Hall likes Phil Dusenberry’s new book. The best thing about Dusenberry’s book as that it acknowledges the basic elements of advertising which have been in place and, for the most part, have worked since advertising was invented. While some will surely take issue with this assessment, reading Dusenberry’s book makes one wonder why we’re […]

Introducing Pepperoni Coke

Thanks to Adverblog for sharing this visually dominant ad from Biedermann/McCann-Erickson (Paraguay). After all, what’s pizza without Coke?

Brand Evangelists Deploy Wiki

Podcatsing and blogs are getting all the love right now, but let’s nto overlook Wiki as a premium vehicle for discussing brands. nanoSpot, a new Wiki creating community around Apple’s new iPod nano is a classic example of a customer generated media exchange. And while customer generated is the ideal, there’s no reason a brand […]

Great Work Can Save Your Ass

Adweek is running an article revealing just how many agency folk reached out to help Trumpet, a New Orleans agency displaced by Katrina. About half of Trumpet Advertising’s staff is operating from space in the Blattner Brunner/SRC offices in Atlanta. Trumpet also received offers of assistance from other agencies. Young & Laramore in Indianapolis offered […]

Get Tested

If you’re feeling extra generous this Friday, why not take five minutes to fill out this University of Zurich graduate student’s Corporate Blogging Survey.