Black Cat In St. Augustine Alley

This is the coffee I like to drink. I got hooked on it in Chicago, first at MoJoe’s in Roscoe Village then at The Grind in Lincoln Square. Here’s how Intelligentsia (the roaster) describes it: A combination of coffees from Latin America and Indonesia, the Black Cat blend is a result of our fanatical quest […]

West Coasters Will Get IPG News At 3 In The Morning

There’s a Cowboy Junkies song that goes, “Good news always sleeps ’till noon.” So when IPG posts its restated financial figures for the last 4 years on its website, they’re going to post them at 6 in the morning on Friday. That can’t be good, can it?

Palm Capitulates

Om Malik: Palm, the company that ignited the handheld computer market, capitulated, and switched away from its own house OS to a Windows Mobile operating system. In other words it has just become yet another Windows-handheld device maker, and lost its “unique selling point.” Proof, that Microsoft eventually wins. Microsoft’s in-house spin-meister won’t even have […]

Georgia’s Peach New And Improved. Tagline Is Another Story.

Savannah Morning News: “Georgia on My Mind” leaves everyone with a warm and fuzzy feeling. About Ray Charles, not Georgia. That’s what surveys told Georgia Department of Economic Development Commissioner Craig Lesser about the state’s slogan. So for the first time in two decades, Georgia now has a new tag line. At a Thursday “State […]

Pixel Pusher Rakes It In

Adland and The Telegraph point to this brilliant advertising idea from 21-year old university student, Alex Tew. Tew, 21, who is due to go to Nottingham University next month to study business management, launched in an attempt to raise enough money to pay for the three-year degree course. Companies can buy one or more […]

Set Love Free

According to Church of the Customer, Southwest Airlines is lobbying customers and staff to help abolish the Wright Amendment with its Set Love Free campaign. In 1979, Congress passed a federal law making it illegal to fly from Love Field in Dallas to points beyond the states surrounding Texas. It was meant to protect Dallas’ […]

Why Burn Bras When You Care Wear Them To A Fire?

The Times is running a piece on Maidenform’s new ad campaign, but what intrigues me is their old campaign. “Hold it, I know…our Maidenform lady is really a firewoman.” The New York Times: Maidenform ladies are dreaming again. Many of those too young to remember probably know about the ad campaign that Maidenform ran from […]

Blogs And Such Not Ready For Prime Time

The article below is a good read–it’s both funny and provocative. Reuters: Proponents of the latest Web trends were warned on Tuesday that the rest of the world may not have a clue what they are talking about. A survey of British taxi drivers, pub landlords and hairdressers — often seen as barometers of popular […]

Betsey Cleans Up

American Copywriter points out that fashion designer, Betsey Johnson, is bringing her Fall Fashion Week designs to O-Cel-O™ brand scrub sponges.

Money Chases Consumer Migration

Ad Age: Internet advertising revenue for the first six months of 2005 hit a record new high, according to a report by the Interactive Advertising Bureau and PricewaterhouseCoopers, released at the Mixx Conference and Expo yesterday in New York. For the first six months, ad revenue reached about $5.8 billion, which is a 26% increase […]