Now You Too Can Doodle With Burnett’s Big Black Pencil

Room 116 points to this expertly rendered Leo Burnett web site, courtesy of the network’s Canadian operation.

Wi-Fi Spigot Opened

The Register: There is some welcome relief today for those people left wading through the remains of New Orleans – T-Mobile has announced it will offer free Wi-Fi access across Louisiana, Mississippi and Alabama until the end of the week, and “possibly beyond that if the situation warrants it”. T-Mobile said in a statement: “The […]

Designs On A Career

Business Week: Is there a glut of students graduating from graphic design programs in the United States today? A 2004 National Association of Schools of Art and Design (NASAD) survey indicates that out of 18,000 graphic design majors in 152 four-year programs conferring B.A. and B.F.A. degrees 3,500 are graduated annually. This figure is strongly […]

The Poetics Of Corruption, A.K.A. Ad Copy

One of America’s great poets—James Dickey—worked in advertising. From 1956 to 1959 he was as a copywriter for McCann-Erickson in New York. He then worked for agencies in Atlanta until 1961, before being rescued by a Guggeheim Fellowship. Dickey liked to say he was “selling his soul to the devil in the daytime and buying […]

Hallelujah! The Ad Industry Finally Gets A Code Of Ethics

Following a judge’s order, former O&M Account Director Shona Seifert has submitted an 18-page code of ethics for the advertising industry. Adweek has the story: In the document, Seifert also said the industry faces some unique ethics challenges in part because “the advertising industry places a higher value on big ideas than we do on […]

Google Goes Offline

New York Times: Google, which built a lucrative business in online advertising, has found a new medium for its ad sales: print. The company is buying ad space in magazines and filling it with half a dozen ads from clients of its vast online system. The first incarnation of Google’s program resembles an old-fashioned business […]