Browser Woes

Random Culture points out that MTV has love for Microsoft’s Internet Explorer. Much to my surprise, when I tried to visit the MTV Overdrive section of the site, I received an error that said, “PC users with Netscape, Mozilla or Firefox: you need to run Internet Explorer to use MTV Overdrive.” The biggest problem I […]

Volvo Works It’s Safety Positioning

Washington Times: The Swedish unit of U.S. carmaker Ford Motor Co. is experimenting with a built-in breathalyzer and speed governor to reduce road accidents. The breathalyzer is part of the seat belt mechanism, and before the car will start, the driver must blow below .08 percent or less with the belt buckled. All 50 U.S. […]

Katrina And The Waves

OK…I just love how bizarre news coverage of storms can get. Yesterday, someone in the French Quarter dropped the F-bomb on Shepard Smith, live on FOX. See it here. Shep: “Why are you still here?” Man: “None of your f–kin’ business.” Shep: “Well, that was a good answer, wasn’t it?…I’m watching two dogs drink out […]

Greed Kills

New York Times: Two and a half years after the music business lined up behind the chief executive of Apple, Steven P. Jobs, and hailed him and his iTunes music service for breathing life into music sales, the industry’s allegiance to Mr. Jobs has eroded sharply. Mr. Jobs is now girding for a showdown with […]

Not To Be Confused With MSN’s Spaces

New York Times: Created in the fall of 2003 as a looser, music-driven version of, MySpace quickly caught on with millions of teenagers and young adults as a place to maintain their home pages, which they often decorate with garish artwork, intimate snapshots and blogs filled with frank and often ribald commentary on their […]

Checking A Brand’s Digital Health

Clickz: Marsteller has rolled out a “Digital Check-up” service for clients, providing a snapshot of their efforts and positioning in the consumer-generated media space. The service starts with Marsteller’s own Digital Check-up, which provides a report card detailing what kind of a presence the client has in various online efforts and consumer-generated media. Assessment areas […]

Mothers, Don’t Let Your Sons Grow Up To Be Cowboys

Halley Suitt is not lovin’ the Army’s pitch. Given that she has a son, it’s perfectly understandable. Sometimes while watching the evening news on TV, I have to grab my head on both sides, and start screaming, because the things they say are so HORRIFYING, I think the evening news is being penned by Stephen […]

Zima’s Maltdown

Westword: I figured I was up for some experimentation. I’m secure in my own identity and all, but I’m also a young guy in his prime. So why not try something a little risque? Truth be told, I was malt-curious. And the Nob Hill Inn on East Colfax Avenue seemed like the perfect place to […]

Let’s Debate Internet Explorer’s Handling Of MIME Types

Gentleman Rancher Causes Consternation

According to The Washington Post, David E. Lipson–a multimillionaire entrepreneur who was once chairman of Frederick’s of Hollywood–wants to trademark “The Last Best Place,” a phrase associated with Montana, where the tycoon has a ranch. If Lipson has his way his various companies would have exclusive commercial use of “The Last Best Place” as a […]