The Really Big Ad

On the heels of this morning’s pointing to Old Navy’s new creative, reader Stephen T. dropped us line for Carlton Draught’s Big Ad. Carlton’s attempt at creating viral buzz is interesting to say the least, but we find their effort over-shadowed by the use of a Java applet requiring approval to run. In today’s […]

Virgin Reinvents Wheel

Net Imperative: Virgin has unveiled plans for its own digital music service to take on the likes of iTunes and Napster, set to go live in the UK on 2 September. Powered by technology from MusicNet, Virgin Digital will be promoted via a multi-million pound investment campaign covering advertising, in-store marketing and online spend. Working […]

Google Not Talking To CNET

New York Times: Google says its mission is “to organize the world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful.” But it does not appear to take kindly to those who use its search engine to organize and publish information about its own executives., a technology news Web site, said last week that Google […]

Ranch Rules

Slate: There is a great Simpsons episode in which Homer, overcome by carbon-monoxide fumes, hallucinates that he is an Ottoman sultan. Though he is surrounded by gyrating concubines, the Simpson family patriarch is not satisfied. “I grow weary of your sexually suggestive dancing,” he says. “Bring me my ranch-dressing hose!” Within seconds, the women are […]

Race Ya

Promo Magazine: Crown Royal is partnering with NASCAR driver Kurt Busch this month to remind young people of drinking age that getting home safely should be a top priority. A fleet of purple and gold Crown Royal No. 97 Ford Taurus’ (replicas of the official race car) will offer bar patrons around downtown Indianapolis rides […]

Pineapple Baron Builds Spa

USA Today: A giant in the produce industry has planted the seeds for a ground-breaking California spa complex. Dole Food of pineapple and packaged-salad fame is building a wellness center, spa and 270-room luxury hotel on 20 acres next to its headquarters in Westlake Village, Calif. The complex, about 35 miles northwest of Los Angeles, […]

From Desk to Dawn

Our friends at Reginald Pike pointed us to their breaking creative for Old Navy’s Back-To-School. Click the image to view the two spots. Some of the shrieks emanating from multiplexes across America this summer won’t be the result of blockbuster thrillers. Rather they will be caused by something a lot closer to home: the abject […]

“Pick Me” And “Radical Careering”

Two new books tackle the delicate art of getting and keeping a career in the advertising industry. I haven’t gotten a copy of either of these (according to Amazon, they’ll be available soon) but I plan to. From the available-on-August 12 “Pick Me: Breaking Into Advertising and Staying There” by Nancy Vonk and Janet Kestin: […]

Get Real. Be Real. Stay Real.

As we examine Hugh’s latest creation, do we find truths neatly revealed? Or clever obfuscation? First, terms need to be defined. “Madison Avenue” is an actual place, but it’s also a blanket statement for any big, powerful ad agency. There are maybe 100 to 200 such shops in the U.S., of the 10,000 agencies in […]

Little League Scores Big League Sponsors

Boston Globe: When parents and baseball fans arrived at the state’s Little League championship in Beverly on Sunday, they were met at the gate with a friendly welcome: Members of two Beverly baseball teams, ages 10 to 12, handed out baseballs imprinted with the Bank of America logo, packaged with peanuts and Cracker Jacks. ”Switch […]