Forget “Be Like Mike”

At a time when athletes like Kobe and the mouth with a bat dominate the headlines, it’s good to know there is at least one real American sports hero for us to gain inspiration from. The above image is available as a screen saver at, a Nike site.

Blue Grassers Say, “Hold The Cheese”

BBC: The state of Kentucky is set to withdraw the design of the state’s smiling sunshine face from its licence plates because it is so unpopular. Perched beneath the line “It’s that friendly” on the plates, the smiling sun has met ridicule and scorn. Drivers have been drawing moustaches on the face, or transforming the […]

Former Juice Guy To Sell Beer

Adweek: Duffy & Shanley said it has been hired by Narragansett Brewing to help relaunch the company’s namesake beer brand via an October campaign that will initially focus on promotions and point-of-sale materials. The independent agency in Providence, R.I., is also handling package redesign, Web marketing and public relations. The beer was first brewed in […]

Stay Funny

Stay Free! is a bi-annual magazine with a blog component. Unlike Adbusters, the culture jamming subversives at Stay Free! are funny. And funny is good. I like funny. Don’t you?

“Always Stay In Your Own Movie”

Bohemian Cafe, S. 13th St., Omaha, NE (care of Flickr user, Norchas) I’ve been spending more time on Flickr, of late. The experience is a lot like reading blogs, but the content is all visual. Like blogs, people promote what they find most interesting. For some, it’s their self-image, for other’s it’s semi-erotic images, flirting […]

All Tiger, All The Time

So I’m watching the British Open, and right now Tiger Woods has a 4 shot lead with about 5 holes to play. Good thing, too–because Nike and American Express are blanketing the commercial breaks with Tiger ads. See the new Nike one here at Adcritic. It’s unlike the Masters, when Tiger sank a sweet putt […]

The United States of Wal-Mart

“It’s hard to know exactly when it happened, just as it’s impossible to know if, or when, it will end. But for now, it’s clear: We’re all Wal-Mart’s bitches.” – John Dicker I have to admit, I’m fascinated by Wal-Mart. I’ve written about this phenomenon before, as well as noted how Wal-Mart’s bumbling PR negates […]

75 To Get Lost In Their New Mini-Cooper

Promo Magazine: Dr Pepper is in the midst of giving away one Mini-Cooper convertible a day in an under-the-cap promo to boost summer sales and to encourage trial of its new Cherry Vanilla Dr Pepper. Game codes can be found under yellow bottle caps on specially marked 20-ounce, 2-liter bottles and inside specially marked 12-pack […]

The Medium Is The Message

IF is featuring an interview with Niku Banaie, Naked’s director of innovations. Here’s a sample: Q. How will brands use portable wireless devices to interact with their audience as they become more prominent? A. The obvious idea is to transplant existing traditional ideas onto this medium, kind of like what happened with the web and […]

First Crispin Gets A Development Deal, Now These Guys

According to Variety, sophmoric web site, has struck a development deal with Paramount. The studio is looking for the next Animal House (good luck), and the web site’s founders are looking to get listed in the IMDb. signed a book deal with Penguin a few months ago, with the “ Guide to College” […]