Tag. You’re It.

The Guardian spoke with Yahoo founder, Jerry Yang last week. What was it about Flickr that made it such a must-have acquisition? Yang: There’s a lot we can achieve through this acquisition because we’ll be able to leverage their leading technology and product features such as tagging (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tagging). The internet’s a driving force in the […]

Podcasting Is Like Cappuccino

Apple says the release of its new podcast-enabled iTunes 4.9 has led to over 1 million podcast subscriptions in just two days.

I Work For Cleve

What you are about to read is fiction. It may seem like something else, but it’s not. I work for Cleve. I can’t understand why that’s such a tough concept to digest. I mean sure, I report directly to Steph, who reports to Tim. But Tim reports to Cleve, so it’s pretty clear. Cleve hired […]

Tom Cruise Drives Into Strange Territory

Let’s assume, for a moment, that people are brands unto themselves. So what you make of Tom Cruise’s recent behavior in his interview with Matt Lauer? Big movie stars like Cruise need to maximize their appeal to keep their lure at the box office. So when Cruise comes out and bashes psychiatry as well as […]