Austin Kelley & Fitzgerald Get Hitched

Forget Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes. This is bigger! OK, not really, but in yet another upheaval in the Atlanta advertising market, Adweek is reporting the merger of two Interpublic-owned Atlanta shops, Austin Kelley and Fitzgerald+Co. A few years ago, IPG persuaded Fitzgerald + Co. to merge with the Atlanta office of McCann-Erickson, so this […]

Right, Dawg?

I can’t say Steve Rubel’s blog makes me laugh on a daily occasion (although I enjoy it for other perfectly good reasons), but today it did. He did. By posting this New Yorker cartoon.

South African Creatives Have Been Reading Pynchon

“a Nugget shoe polish can in which Slothrop now and then studies his blurry brass reflection” -Thomas Pynchon in Gravity’s Rainbow I have a weakness for ads that boldly (and intelligently) display a product benefit. This ad for Nugget Shoe Polish from The Jupiter Drawing Room in Johannesburg is a classic example. Thanks to Gari […]

Putting Up Walls

If you’re a street artist looking for a blank canvas, Diesel wants to cut you loose on a big wall in Berlin, Germany. The jeans maker is asking artists to submit ideas for the public space via their Temporary Art Award promotion. Following two triumphant assaults on the 360M2 Wall in the center of Milan, […]

The Benefits Of Anonymity

MSNBC and Adfreak are reporting on two European artists who’ve managed to sell shop owners in Vienna on a unique two-week installation. The coverings are part of a two-week art project dubbed “Delete!”

Slurpee Makes P.R. Team Speak Dinosaur

7-Eleven, Inc. has launched a month-long celebration of Slurpee’s 40th birthday with Slurpee Summer Prize Fest, including free music downloads and the chance to win one of four MINI Cooper convertibles. Here’s how their dinosaur-speaking p.r. team wants us to see it: Today, Slurpee is one of America’s most recognized brands, but when Slurpee was […]

More Client Speak: A Bona Fide Advertising Location

Lewis Lazare: It’s not easy trying to be cool in Chicago. As we reported previously, Axe deodorant recently went to a lot of trouble to hire a legitimate local, but unidentified artist to create graffiti mural ads for the product at several locations around the city. But it didn’t take long for a band of […]

Client Speak: Owning Mixability

Stuart Elliott: Absolut vodka is introducing an elaborate and extensive campaign to promote its flavored varieties – now seven, with the introduction last month of peach – separate from the familiar, long-running campaign that pitches the original unflavored version. The flavors campaign, with a budget estimated at $15 million, exhorts drinkers in a whimsical way […]

Email Is Good Again (Advertising Is Still Bad)

Anti spam solution provider, Mail Frontier, is advertising in bathrooms. Thanks to Room 116 for the post.

Temptation Resistance Device

Vermonters, Ben + Jerry, have developed a pint lock to fend off would be thieves lurking ’round the ice box. Thanks to The Hidden Persuader and Cool Hunting for the pointers.