No Logo, No SUV, No Problem

In his latest post, Ernie Schenck considers the growing ranks of anti-advertising forces. These days, it seems like everyone is talking about the rise of the consumer as marketing ally. But what about the rise of the consumer as marketing antagonist? It’s one thing to put up a microsite and ask people to make movies […]

Brits Roar Back Into Fast Lane

The Sunday Times: It has been compared to an angry ant, a sawn-off shotgun and a wild boar, its twin headlights shining like angry piggy eyes. Whichever way you look at it, the new Triumph Speed Triple is a distinctive motorbike. It

How To Use A Blog In A Promotion

Subaru has solved one of the more perplexing questions facing those who would deploy a promotional blog. Who will do the actual blogging? We’ve seen several “character blogs” emerge, of late, none to our liking. For Subaru’s “Race To The Tour” promotion, the car maker has a better answer: celebrity trainer/coach, Ian Jackson. Ian Jackson […]

Pirillo Out Of His Tits (Or Not)

The above ad space can be yours for a mere $20.00. The space belongs to Seattle-based geek, Chris Pirillo. Pirillo reports that 85 people have so far paid to have their message emblazoned on his chest. That’s an extra $1700 in walking around money. Not bad.

Dell Dude Bumped By Hot Rocker

Lewsis Lazare:: Sources confirm singer Sheryl Crow has been signed to star in upcoming Dell Computer commercials from DDB/Chicago, the company’s ad agency of record. One source said DDB executives were in London recently working with Crow. DDB referred an inquiry to a Dell spokesman, who declined comment. Commercials with Crow would represent a sharp […]

Toyotas Are Great! Toyotas Can Save The World!

Yes, I’ve had an ephiphany. As soon as I wrapped my hands around the buttery leather-like steering wheel of my shiny new Corolla, chicks were drawn to me. Like these two dedicated Toyota employees who helped me with my new purchase: I felt 10 years younger and I… oh wait a minute. Toyota’s not paying […]

Honest Tea: A Pun That Works

from the Honest Tea web site: Seth took a deep breath, quit his job at the Calvert Group, and started brewing batches of tea in his kitchen. Five weeks after taking the plunge, he brought thermoses of tea and a bottle with a mock-up label to Fresh Fields (Whole Foods Markets). During that meeting, the […]

Krone’s Throne

From Cambridge Enchorial Press comes a new book by Clive Challis on one of the all time greats, Helmut Krone, the AD who worked with Bill Bernbach at Doyle Dane & Bernbach back in the day. Helmut Krone (1925-1996) was a leading seditionary. He started out as a graphic designer who despised advertising — and […]

Got Nantucket Reds?

New York Times is running a piece that would be right at home in W, showcasing the tensions that exist between old money and new money on Nantucket. The article

Ronald’s A Rider!

USA Today: McDonald’s is beginning to sell skateboards and bikes bearing the fast-food company’s brand in a new effort to get kids to burn off burgers and fries with exercise. The McKids-branded outdoor play equipment will be rolled out internationally later this year and in 2006. A few McKids items are already sold at retailers […]