David Casts Stone At Goliath

Promo Magazine: Oklahoma grocer Super H filed a lawsuit against Wal-Mart Stores for using a scanner to collect barcode data from products on Super H’s shelves. The suit, filed in Osage County District Court on June 13, alleges that Wal-Mart sent workers into Super H to check prices as Wal-Mart readies to open a supercenter […]

Stuck In The Popcorn Line? No Worries.

New York Times: Hate being stuck in a movie theater with no choice but to watch advertisements on the big screen? Get used to it. Advertisers like these spots, and have been buying more of them. Movie ads are one more alternative to television spots, which are losing favor as TiVo and other digital video […]

Dell Hell Continues For Prominent Blogger

Jeff Jarvis over at BuzzMachine has been having ongoing problems with his new Dell. And he isn’t afraid to tell the world about it. Jeff is a prominent blogger and TV critic. And I think marketers like Dell had better pay attention to the customer service problems he’s having, because he’s an influencer–maybe not as […]

Frenchman Unimpressed

Fast Company is giving Apple’s competitors a chance to talk about the iPod. Henri Crohas Founder and CEO, Archos Paris, France I do not share the opinion that Apple’s design for the iPod is any good. That’s because I define great design in terms of fantastic machinery. And if you look inside the iPod’s technology, […]

Leo Burnett Says Men Aren’t Just Interested In Sex, Beer and Sports

A new study by Leo Burnett, quickly summarized here, suggests that “half the men in most parts of the world don’t know what is expected of them in society and three-quarters of them think images of men in advertising are out of touch with reality.” “As the world is drifting toward a more feminine perspective, […]


Planning whiz, Russell Davies, recently unearthed an old t-shirt from 1999

Mos Def Pimpin’ Big SUVs

According to a GM press release, Emmy and Golden Globe award nominated actor and musician Mos Def, is appearing in a new African American targeted television advertisement introducing the new Envoy Denali SUV. The ad was created by Oakland, California based Carol H. Williams Advertising, which specializes in the African American market. Not everyone is […]

Brands Get Back To Basics

New York Times: Charmin has a new low-rent cousin, Charmin Basic. It’s slightly less “squeezably soft” – but it’s a lot less pricey than Procter & Gamble’s other toilet paper. “The premium that consumers were traditionally willing to pay for a brand name is under attack,” said Sridhar Balasubramanian, an associate professor of marketing at […]

Slick Move

Associated Press: A woman who won a radio contest that promised the winner “100 grand” sued after the station gave her a candy bar

Brands Begin To Get Marketing Blogs

Steve Hall points to A+E’s new Inked Blog, deployed to promote a new show on the cable channel.