Dressing Jimmy

Every company must be guided by a mission statement. Ours is to be known worldwide for pimping our customers’ junk in the perfect attire for any occasion. -Richard T. Norcross, Durex Dickorations Thanks to Adverblog and Hello Word for the, uh hum, pointers.

Targeted TV Commercials Explained

BusinessWeek reports on the new wave of testing being done by cable companies to target specific ads to different people. A Q&A with Invidi Technologies CEO and President David Downey explains a little bit about how the technology will work. But I love what he says here: The hope is that consumers will actually want […]

Now Hiring: Entrepreneurial Idea Movers

Ad Age executive editor, Jonah Bloom, recently had breakfast with former Ogilvy President Rick Boyko. I voiced my anti-ad-school prejudices, a slightly risky proposition given that Boyko now runs such an institution, the VCU Adcenter. My slightly nervous salvo went something like:

A Deere In The Bush

MSNBC: Developers building a slice of suburbia in the piney woods near Durham, NC have partnered with tractor-builder John Deere in an unusual marketing deal they both hope will lead to improved sales. As part of the partnership, the John Deere name will be featured on the entrance sign for the subdivision with homes ranging […]

Levy’s Family Values

CNN Financial Editor Todd Benjamin spoke to Maurice Levy

Richard Kirshenbaum Just Wants To Have Fun

According to Adweek, Richard Kirshenbaum

Advertising Malpractice: How Would You Define It?

Well, there’s no such thing, really. And there probably can’t be. But I float the idea as the focus of my new column on Talent Zoo. Are clients truly getting their money’s worth when good ideas are killed internally in agencies because of fear that “they’ll never go for it?” How risky should a concept […]

Tui Has Zero Taste

According to Spinner, New Zealand brewer Tui, pulled an offensive billboard campaign after protest from concerned citizens.

Brand Management No Free Throw

According to Sports Network, Miami Heat center, Shaquille O’Neal, picked up an advanced degree in Business Administration over the weekend. O’Neal was one of the 2,200 University of Phoenix graduates honored at the Forum in Los Angeles. “It’s just something to have on my resume when I go back into reality,” O’Neal said. “Someday I […]

Bentonville Is Open For Business

Washington Post: The hard-nosed retailing tactics of Wal-Mart Stores Inc. have transformed communities across the country, but none more so than the one in its own back yard. Benton County, once a sedate backwater, is quickly morphing into a swanky oasis in the middle of the Ozarks. Wal-Mart’s unchallenged dominance in American retailing–it now sells […]