NYTimes.com Is No Longer The Land Of The Free

I always make it a point to glance at The New York Times online edition. But according to reports, including this one in Ad Age, some content including prominent columnists will only be available to subscribers who fork out $50 a year. (I’m sorry, that’s $49.95.) This is just the latest in the growing media […]

Outstanding Mission Statements: Seventh In A Series

WE HATE SHEEP. Not because they’re fat, lazy creatures that smell bad when it rains. No, we hate sheep because they remind us of marketing that’s content to follow instead of lead. Advertising that’s happy to be quiet, blend in with the flock and go completely unnoticed. The average person is deluged by 3000 messages […]

How To Sell Biker Boots To Women

New Yorkers Told To Lighten Up

Flickr user, Talker, posted this Delta Airlines outdoor board to his photostream recently. He doesn’t like it much.

Branding Is For Cattle

Richard Huntington, a planner at HHCL Red Cell in London, wants us ad folk to get over ourselves. And while were at it, he thinks it wise to drop our branding shtik for more relevant and meaningful language. Here’s some of what he has to say. Fundamentally we neglected the fact that brands do not […]

Furniture Assembly Is Like Hunting Game (Minus The Blood And Guts)

from The Independent: A new book claims that a shopping trip to Ikea improves marital harmony. Great Ikea! A Brand for All the People, published later this month, attributes much of the store’s success to the fact that its self-assembly furniture allows men to reclaim their hunter-gatherer roots, and so keep their relationships healthy – […]

Wal-Mart Uses Nazi Imagery In Ad. Not A Good Move.

Wal-Mart has a long history of using Political Action Committees and funding pseudo-grassroots groups to influence public opinion when the company wants to change zoning laws or put a new store in a neighborhood that may oppose it. But this ad in the Arizona Daily Sun obviously went too far: Wal-Mart opposes Proposition 100 in […]

Mc D’s Cooks Up New Concept

from The Onion: Hungry shoppers at the Gurnee Mills outlet mall can now get a name-brand lunch at a bargain-basement price, thanks to the Monday opening of McDonald’s first “Not Quite Perfect” outlet store, offering imperfect and irregular items from the fast-food giant’s menu. “It’s true that consistency is part of what makes McDonald’s the […]

Make It All About Me

There have been a lot of creative uses of eBay of late. People have been auctioning off their names and their bodies (as human billboards) to advertisers. Here’s a new twist. My name is Jellio, and I write for a blog called YesButNoButYes.com, proclaimed by almost all our writers to be the greatest pop culture […]

Cold Light Gives Me Shivers

Coors Light (or Cold Light, if you will) has found their point of difference