MacGregor Golf Selects New Agency. Again. And Again. And Yet Again.

Congrats to Dailey & Associates, who have just won the MacGregor Golf account. But don’t get too comfortable, fellas. This story wouldn’t have piqued my interest except for the fact that I was an intern at an Atlanta agency in 1995 when it had the MacGregor account. And I remember it was a short-lived affair, […]

OnStar’s Radio Spots

First, I don’t listen to much radio these days – a fortunate side effect of a 7 minute commute – but it seems that nearly every single day I manage to be in the car at the right time to hear an OnStar spot. These are the spots using the original audio (or perhaps recreated?) […]

Marketers Take a Shine to Blogs

From CNN: Four journalists who brought news of the assassination of President John F. Kennedy into U.S. living rooms in 1963 have found a new level of fame by using the Internet to market their book about the experience. They are among a growing group of people exploring the potential of blogs, or Web logs, […]

Word Problems

Technorati is tracking over ten million blogs today. If your blog appears is in their top 100,000 you are in some pretty select company, as that equals the top one percent of all blogs tracked. If your blog is in the top 10,000 blogs tracked by Technorati, you’re in the top tenth of one percent. […]

Send Me Your Weak

A lot of big-time consumer brands are jumping all over the viral bandwagon. From a creative standpoint, I think it’s a good thing. From a media buying standpoint, it’s exceptional. But, I’d like to make one point of clarification

The Mother Goose Of Boutique Hotels

Want to stay in an expensive shoe, next time you’re in Barcelona? Then, Casa Camper could be just the place.

McD’s Jumps Through Hoops (Morgan Spurlock, It’s All Your Fault)

Let’s assume for the sake of argument that there is such a thing as a fruit buzz. After all, I do feel pretty good after ingesting fresh fruit. What puzzles me here is the fact that McDonald’s is going after the low-hanging fruit, as it were. The young ladies concerned with tight-fitting jeans are already […]

Dodge Muscles Its Way Back Into Starting Lineup

Dodge is bringing back the Charger after a 17-year hiatus. The Detroit car maker is gearing up for the summer selling season with an ad blitz set to unleash on June 1. Not incidentally, Warner Brothers studios is releasing the big screen version Dukes of Hazard this summer. You don’t think the two events might […]

Wendy’s Embraces Viral Marketing, Huey Lewis Misses Out.

Apparently, it’s not “Hip To Be Square.” But it is good to be square. Click the above link to check out the latest viral mystery–it’s from Wendy’s, part of a campaign that will feature a little more explanation, and TV ads, next week. You know, I love Wendy’s and all, but I’m not sure having […]

24/7 In The 501

“American Copywriter,” John January, likes the new Levi’s 501 Uncomplicate campaign a lot. What’s not to like? January says, “It’s an absolute, total, way-out-of-the-park home run. The piece nails the brand’s ‘authenticity.’” He goes on to expain how the web offers a gigantic opportunity for branded storytelling, which is something I’m a big proponent of. […]