“The New Phone Books Are Here! The New Phone Books Are Here!”

According to Lewis Lazare in today

Safeway Chooses To Build The Brand

from Ad Age: Embattled supermarket chain Safeway is set to launch an unprecedented $100 million advertising campaign that includes spot TV buys on prime-time shows such as The Apprentice and CSI — but utters nary a word on price.

Gratuitous Use Of Sexual Imagery Not Appreciated By All

The Good, Bad & Ugly Awards Show, established eight years ago by Advertising Women of New York, has emerged as an irreverent yet purposeful look at the way women are depicted in advertising. It is dedicated to encouraging creative, effective and positive advertising to and representative of women and highlights not only the good but […]

At Least Fake Orgasms Can Be Convincing

Hugh has been hammering the emerging trend where marketers jump on the blog bandwagon without first buying a ticket to the Cluetrain. Here’s some of what he has had to say: As if fake blogs weren’t “beyond lame” enough. Now I think we’ve got… wait for it… fake comments. What a great scenario: Some twentysomething […]

Gore To Bring Podcasting To TV

from San Francisco Chronicle: Al Gore never said he invented the Internet. But the new San Francisco-based cable TV network he’s heading promises to transform television by plugging it into the Internet. Current, the name of Gore’s enterprise, hopes to do that by airing a shuffle of short news features, some produced by the network […]

It Worked For Martha

from New York Times: The footwear retailer Steven Madden has decided not to shy away from the imminent release of its namesake founder from prison. The company is promoting the return of its creative leader in a series of eye-catching posters and print advertisements, and is having some fun with it in the process. Mr. […]

The Riddles In McGriddles

Just Say No To “Gloomy Pits Of Dickensian Misery”

from USA Today: Garment factories in Cambodia, one of the world’s poorest nations, aren’t gloomy pits of Dickensian misery. Instead, Cambodia is seeking to become the rare Third World country to develop economically while treating workers reasonably well. Under a global trade regime that expired Jan. 1, quotas limited the amount retailers could buy from […]

Can’t Hurt To Try

Trendwatching’s April newsletter introduces an interesting term

“Vodka + Kabbalah” Does Have A Certain Ring

from Allentown’s Moring Call: Combine medieval Jewish mysticism, a fizzy strawberry-flavored drink loaded with vitamins and a splash of holy water and you have the perfect fusion of two of the hottest fads sweeping the country: Kabbalah and energy drinks. Next week, the hip, the curious and the thirsty in the Lehigh Valley will be […]