Read All About It

Copywriters: You know that book about advertising you always wanted to write? The one that takes all the things you hate about the way most big ad agencies operate and exposes them for the waste of client money that they are, then offers up sound business solutions that would fix nearly all of it? Well, […]

Abstinence And The City

From CNN: Senate Commerce Committee Chairman Ted Stevens said on Tuesday he would push for applying broadcast decency standards to cable television and subscription satellite TV and radio. In the wake of Nipplegate, Congress is seeking to increase the fines for indecency on broadcast TV and radio. But if Stevens got his wish, Howard Stern […]

The Punk Rock Of Product Placement

Former Talking Heads star David Byrne has a new book, available to people who stay in hotels and motels across America – for free. His tome, The New Sins, has been distributed to cheap roadside hotels, where it will be placed in bedside drawers next to Gideon’s Bible. Byrne admits he was surprised how easy […]