AdPulp’s Most Admired

Fortune–a magazine I generally find useful–has added “Advertising and Marketing” to its list of industries for their 2005 America’s Most Admired Companies report. Here are the winners: 1-Omnicom Group 2-Vertis 3-Grey Global Group 4-Interpublic Group I’ve never heard of Vertis, until now. I once worked for an Omnicom agency and it was an okay experience. […]

Why People Hate Advertising: Reason 112

H&M’s desecration of The Flatiron Building Thanks to Room 116 for the pointer.

Caption Writing Contest

Your caption here One of the great things about a blog is the level of interaction with readers made possible by comments. AdPulp has some incredibly witty readers and to showcase that wealth of wit, we’re conducting a caption wrting contest for the above image. The best caption (as judged by yours truly) will be […]

Augie Takes A Knee

Having worked on the Coors account for a number of years, I can report what a dog and pony show the annual distributors conventions is. So, it comes as no surprise to read in Brandweek the lengths August Busch IV went to to impress his distributors. August Busch IV had whipped up the crowd of […]

Harvard Students Are Brand Sensitive. Duh.

from Boston Globe: There are some things that even a $40,000-a-year Ivy League education can’t buy. At Harvard, it’s Frosted Flakes and Lucky Charms. Angry cereal fans are lashing out after Harvard University cleared its dining halls this school year of brand-name cereals, such as Fruit Loops and Cap’n Crunch, and swapped them for less […]

Special Sauce To Make For Some Dope Rhymes

from Ad Age: Hip-hop artists have plugged in virtually every high-end brand from Cartier to Versace into their song lyrics. But now the Big Mac is about to get name dropped. McDonald

Carnitas With Guac To Debut On PBS

Denver-based gourmet burrito purveyor, Chipotle, is making some waves on PBS with “something resembling commercials,” according to New York Times. The psuedo spots–which mock a typical PBS pledge drive–were created by TDA Advertising + Design in Boulder, CO. The spots had to toe some very fine lines. For example, the guidelines allow people in the […]

The Future of The 30-Second Spot

The New York Times weighs in today with this lengthy article–which made it to the front page of the Business section in the always-thick Sunday edition.

Commerce With A Dash Of Art

Thanks to Room 116 for the pointer.

Fighting Fakes Not Just For The Internet Anymore

The BBC reports that clothing brand Lacoste spends 3m euros (