Napster Does The Math

From the looks of it, Napster put all their money in to the Super Bowl media buy. Their spot consisted primarily of camera card with two juxtaposed equations–probably not a good idea in a party atmosphere, since equations require concentration. At any rate, the “picture math” basically made the argument that iTunes is expensive and […]

Sir Paul Rock God

The NFL has come a long way in one year. They cut the Cheeze Whiz from the halftime menu and went with a live mini-concert from a rock legend, who obviously still rocks the house, or the world as the case may be. Sir Paul opened his four-song set with “Drive My Car” right into […]

Brand Loyalty Increasingly Questioned In Redmond

Schools have been banning text messaging devices and camera phones in an effort to curb cheating among students. Could digital music players be next? If you work for Microsoft and routinely sport an iPod on the Redmond, WA corporate campus, such a ban may not be far off. According to Wired 80% of the Softies […]

Mock Mystery Solved

Thanks to Adfreak for clearing up the whole thing. Los Angeles agency davidandgoliath is running prime time TV for a brand that never gets mentioned in the spots. The web address is all viewers have to go on, and this viewer has been too busy of late to properly look into it. After a […]

Wading Through The Web

I just entered Wade’s minimalist (in a good way) web site by chance, caught as I was by the telling Google AdSense header, “A Copywriter’s Copywriter.” So, I clicked. This is what I brought back to share with you: Only a copywriter’s copywriter would care enough to make something good from the pains of legalese.

So Sorry

from New York Times: The creators of a fake advertisement for the Volkswagen Polo car that circulated on the Internet have apologized and promised not to repeat it, Volkswagen said on Monday. The so-called viral ad, which was not authorized by Volkswagen or its advertising agencies, shows a suicide bomber detonating his explosives in a […]

Life Is Good

Our minds are elsewhere this week, as our personal lives are changing dramatically for the better. Shawn and Terri are the proud parents of a baby boy! Tristan Reese Hartley born 1/29/05 – 12:29pm 6lbs 1oz 19″ And while my news hardly compares with the Hartley clan’s, I am thrilled at the prospects of my […]

Next Exit

One of the things I like about driving across country are the regional brands one encounters along the way. This morning I woke in Asheville, NC–after driving in from Chicago–and made my way to Port City Java for my iced quad espresso. It was great. A few hours later, I pulled over in Columbia, SC […]