What It Takes To Reach Guru Status

According to Accenture, a leading business guru must be highly visible on the internet (as measured by hits on the Google search engine), publish work that is widely known in the academic world (citations in the ISI Social Sciences Citations Index), and be frequently mentioned in the media (mentions in LexisNexis). Of the top 50 […]

Still Smarting From The Dan Rather Flap, CBS Makes Another Stupid Move

from Adweek: CBS has agreed to stop airing three Miller Brewing TV spots following a protest from Anheuser-Busch that the work is based on improperly conducted taste tests, officials said. A-B in November filed a protest with the four major TV networks over 11 Miller commercials. A-B argued that Miller’s taste test was improperly conducted […]

A Sad Day For Dutch Beer Enthusiasts

Russians Are Really Taking To This Capitalism Thing

Buzz Sponge points to Russia’s Kalashnikov Vodka and the use of sexy Nikita Girls to help sell it in London’s trendiest night clubs. But that’s not the interesting part. This is: According to the brand’s web site, Mikhail Timoveeich Kalashnikov was born on November 10th, 1919, to a large peasant family in the village of […]

Will Salt Lake Let Its Freak Flag Fly?

proposed Salt Lake City flag by Steve Jerman My friend Steve Jerman, a graphic designer in Salt Lake City, offers his hometown, “This clean, modern, simple design to reflect a city of similar values. The design is meant to convey the positive and progressive spirit of all the city’s current residents

11,000,000 Users And Counting

To advance the cause of their favorite web browser, Firefox brand evangelists have taken the proverbial bull/fox by the horns/ears, and placed a two-page ad in today’s New York Times. I like the spirit exhibited by this consumer movement. Too bad the creative isn’t more inspiring.

Boulderites Look Forward To The Sobering Reality Of Doing Business In Chicago

from the company’s web site: “Cereality

Ty Montague’s Touch Of Grey

from The NY Observer: On a recent Friday in J.W.T.

Blogs Are So Last Year

from Forbes: The next big thing, according to Web junkies, is the “wiki.” What are wikis? They are Web sites that are open for editing by anyone with a browser, without any fancy applications or programming skills necessary. Think a reference Web site on the history of Vietnam is biased? Scrub it clean. Think a […]

Which Voice To Give? That Is The Question.

Evelyn Rodriguez eloquently explains the three voices available to modern day marketers: 1) Professional/corporate voice has been so overdone it just rings hollow and distant; there’s nothing to separate you out from competitors as the droning blends altogether. Not very distinctive and creates barriers in communication. 2) Credible voice is where most corporate blogs should […]