1% Alcohol, Tons of B.S.

Since when did beer become like deordorant and marketed to one sex or the other? I know Coors Light is all about it, and others, but the trend is getting weirder and that’s rarely good for the beer, or those drinking it.
The August 2007 Trend Briefing from trendwatching.com looks at various attempts by brewers to market beer specifically to women. Here’s but one:

German brewer Karlsberg is also convinced that it can get more women to drink beer, though its Karla beer comes with a different twist: health benefits. Which has to do with the fact that in Germany, many women view beer as unhealthy, fattening or unsophisticated. So Karla, a beer for women, is marketed as improving health and well-being. The mixed drink comes in three varieties: Balance, Well Be and Acti-Fit. All are low in alcohol content (1%) and are blends of beer and fruit juices. Emphasis on health prompted an unusual distribution channel: Karla is sold through pharmacists.

Beer with health benefits? I think I’m gonna Ralph.

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  1. Karla (and a picture that resembles Melinda French Gates?) Put it on one of those cylinder type billboardy things in Berlin. It will sell to Germans on the Kudamm as well as Swiss cheese at Kaffee Reichelt.

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